Edmonton’s Leaders in Sustainable Technology: A Futurology Insight

Within the thriving city of Edmonton, Alberta, a revolution is taking place. Known for its deep roots in the oil and gas industry, this Canadian metropolis is continuing to diversify its economy, and the Sustainability industry is a significant player in this shift. This article is part of a series highlighting pioneering companies operating within this industry, who are striving to balance economic growth with ecological and societal wellness. Come journey with us as we explore Edmonton’s bold foray into a future of sustainable innovation.

Straddling industries as varied as construction, renewable energy, artificial intelligence, healthcare and more, these businesses are redefining how we view modern commerce in a sustainability context. They are proving that an emphasis on Sustainability does not only isolate or eradicate existing industries but builds on Edmonton’s industrial heritage to create an integrated, prosperous, and sustainable future for all.

So, buckle up as we go on a tour of some of the leading Sustainability companies headquartered here in Edmonton. Each has its unique story to tell, and we have ensured to provide linked details so you can delve deeper into these exciting journeys.

RUNWITHIT Synthetics

Co-founded by Myrna Bittner, RUNWITHIT Synthetics is pioneering an intelligent blend of artificial intelligence, big data, clean energy, and more to create impactful urban redevelopment strategies. They are leading the way in data visualization and advanced simulation, enabling the generation of innovative plans, pilots, and programs for accelerated climate action. You can learn more on their LinkedIn page and follow them on @rwi_synthetics.

G2V Optics

Michael Taschuk’s brainchild, G2V Optics, is an ambitious company targeting food production innovation. Their ‘engineered sunlight’​ technology is transforming how commercial growers operate, increasing yield, quality while lowering operational costs. With their multi-zone lighting and plant monitoring system, G2V is lighting up the road to sustainable horticulture. Find them on LinkedIn or follow @G2VOptics.


Honomobo Corp. distinguishes itself by venturing into a unique manufacturing sector – creating beautiful, modern, modular homes. Their attention to design and build quality can bring people to tears of joy and appreciation for the aesthetic value they offer. Check out their work on their Facebook page and learn more about them on their LinkedIn profile.

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Written by Mark Smith

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