Portuguese Innovations: Lisbon’s Leading Companies in Sustainable Technology Sector

Portugal’s capital, Lisbon, is not only the country’s economic hub but also a beacon for companies leading the way in sustainability. A growing number of innovative businesses are driving the green revolution, making significant strides in sectors such as CleanTech, Crowdfunding, FinTech, Consumer Goods, Retail Technology, and more. This article takes you on a comprehensive tour of some of the most promising sustainable companies whose headquarters are based in Lisbon.

These companies are making a significant impact on sustainability, with a specific emphasis on the Lisbon area. They are contributing to the growth of a green economy and driving innovation in sustainability in Portugal, Europe, and globally. A brief overview, including details about their founders and industries in which they operate, provides crucial insights into each company.

Whether it’s investment platforms connecting conscious investors with sustainable projects or upcycling initiatives turning waste into value, these companies embody the concept of sustainability in the 21st century.


GoParity, founded by Nuno Brito Jorge, is an online savings and investment platform that taps into the potential of peer-to-peer lending to fund sustainable projects. The platform not only provides citizens and businesses with the opportunity for decent returns on their investments, but also supports projects that create economic, social, and environmental impact. Check out their LinkedIn and Facebook for more.


Bairro, driven by founders Artem Kokhan, Maksym Gatsuts, Mikhail Leonov, and Milana Dovzhenko, is a micro-fulfillment operator designed to help offline retailers establish a presence online. Through the use of Micro Fulfillment Centers (MFCs), Bairro supports retailers and increases their capacity to accommodate growing customer demand online. Follow them on LinkedIn and Facebook.

Forall Phones

Founded by José Costa Rodrigues, Forall Phones is changing the way we approach electronics. Focused on selling refurbished premium devices to mitigate electronic waste, the company is making premium technology affordable and achieving high customer satisfaction along the way. Learn more about their innovative approach on their LinkedIn and Facebook pages.

Circular Unity

With founders Alberto Olias Ibor, Eduardo Lebre, Marcelo Teixeira Rossi, and Nicola Erriquez at the helm, Circular Unity is transforming event planning with their pioneering solution: impactALL. This software enhances sustainability in event management by executing carbon accounting and sustainability assessment, with the aim of shifting the events industry towards sustainability. You can follow their journey on their LinkedIn page.

Maze X

Maze X, founded by Antonio Miguel, Luís Fonseca, and Rita Casimiro, is an accelerator program dedicated to impact startups. This Lisbon-based initiative provides aspiring entrepreneurs with a unique opportunity to develop and scale their ventures, transforming them into potential impact unicorns.


Planetiers, a venture of Carlos Carvalho and Sérgio Ribeiro, is the world’s largest sustainable marketplace offering a diverse array of eco-friendly products. Planetiers is a digital platform committed to a global sustainable transformation, supported by a growing community of Planetier Ambassadors. Get to know them better by visiting their LinkedIn and Facebook pages.


Founded by Diogo Silva Santos, BAUOUT is a premium marketplace that makes trading in luxury sneakers fast and easy. The company’s aim is transforming luxury sneakers into a form of investment, proving that sustainability and style can go hand in hand. Check out their LinkedIn and Facebook pages for more.


Generosa is turning heads in the home and garden industry by revolutionising indoor plant care. Their sustainable plant care products are good for the environment and make plant care easy and enjoyable. By facilitating the cultivation of healthy indoor plants, Generosa is contributing to reducing carbon emissions and promoting more sustainable lifestyles. Follow them on LinkedIn and Facebook.


Lusis is a leading company at the intersection of construction, sustainability, and telecommunications. It’s making significant contributions to sustainable urban development in Lisbon and elsewhere.

Sair da Casca

Sair da Casca has made its name as a leading player in business development and management consulting with a focus on sustainability. The company supports businesses in their journey towards sustainable operations and growth. You can learn more about their work on their LinkedIn page.

Give a Damn Studio

Give a Damn Studio, founded by Tiago Dias Miranda, is a company dedicated to generating leads and contributing to social impact in the field of sustainability. The firm provides tactical design and growth techniques to help drawdown solutions attract ideal customers and shorten their sales cycles. Visit their LinkedIn page to learn more.

These Lisbon-based companies are stepping up and contributing to a more sustainable future. They are the innovators, the disruptors, and the transformers that are writing the sustainability story of Lisbon, Portugal, and beyond.

Written by Mark Smith

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