Electric Vehicle Innovations: Spotlight on Moscow’s Green Transportation Leaders

The rise in electric vehicle (EV) technology has seen many companies geared towards revolutionizing the industry emerge over the past few years in various parts of the world. Russia, in particular, has become a hotbed for such companies. The following article delves into some of these Moscow-based EV firms by providing brief introductions into their operations. We will be looking at their products, missions, and overall contribution to the industry.

While it might seem like EV companies primarily make cars, the ones included in this list demonstrate that there’s much more to it. Some firms focus on developing ultra-fast charging stations, while others are into the creation of light electric vehicles (LEVs) and electric bicycle kits. Whatever their specific focus might be, all these companies share the common mission of reducing human’s carbon footprint and making for more eco-friendly transportation.

The following actor profiles will provide more details on each company, their products, founding members, and the industries they cater to.

Edison Technologies

Founded by Mikhail Krapivnoy, Edison Technologies is a company known for producing ultra-fast charging stations for electric vehicles, along with an accompanying battery management software. They have stations designed for both fast and long-term charging. was established to provide green and cost-effective personal transport for work and leisure. The founders – Dmitry Bogdanchikov, and Oleg Evseenkov – worked on a platform to build a wide range of LEVs. Among their products are the electric bike conversion kit ( and the all-terrain multipurpose vehicle WattPower.


A brainchild of Alex Kostyrya, Axle falls under various industries, including battery production, electric vehicles, and software engineering. The start-up’s operation details are quite scarce, but it’s known that they are part of the RAIDO R&D Engineering Team.

Volkswagen Group Russia

The Russian division of the global Volkswagen brand, Volkswagen Group Russia, has also joined the electric vehicle bandwagon. While their primary industry constitutes automotive and manufacturing, they have expanded over the years to delve into EVs and autonomous vehicles as well.


Under the leadership of Shiakh Yasir Feroz, Flyka has ventured into various industries ranging from electric vehicles, air, and same day delivery transport, among many others. One of their standout products is the Flyka VTOL, an aircraft designed with multiple redundancy and automated architecture promising security and affordability.

Aoyama Motors

Aoyama Motors is a company that emphasizes customer satisfaction, evident in their well-equipped sales salons. While they offer a full range of Honda products, they also provide goods from other popular brands like EUROPOWER generators and GAS Honda casual wear.

EV Tech

EV Tech is another company operating in the world of electric vehicles, autonomous vehicles, automotive, and manufacturing. Details of their specific products remain scarce, but their contribution to the field is worth noting.

Written by Mark Smith

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