Revealing Dubai’s Groundbreaking Leaders in Electric Vehicle Technology Innovation

In the heart of the Middle East, nestled between centuries-old cultures and traditions, Dubai is undergoing a technological revolution. The city is leading the charge in embracing electric vehicle technology, attracting numerous cutting-edge companies to drastically alter the automotive landscape in the process. This article is part of a series that discusses a handful of these revolutionary companies, all based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Get ready to meet the companies transforming the way we view and use electric vehicles.

Dubai is the hotspot for innovation, and when it comes to electric vehicles, the city does not disappoint. Founders, startups, and experienced players in the industry have all found their way to Dubai to create something remarkable. Here, we navigate through the highways and boulevards of Dubai’s electric vehicle market, exploring what each firm brings to the table.

Each company contributes to the industry in its unique way. From full-scale manufacturing operations to offering pivotal B2B services, these companies are paving the way for a sustainable future in Dubai and beyond.

Hydra Electric™

Headed by Fahad Hafiz, Mannan Khan, Shashank Yadav, and Shobith Narayana, Hydra Motors stands out as a start-up automobile manufacturer specializing in plotting and modelling electric vehicles. Despite sharing similarities with Hydra Design Labs, Hydra Motors holds its independent presence in the industry.


TERRA is a B2B micro-mobility firm with a significant presence in Dubai’s electric vehicle industry. As a forward-thinking company, its mission is to transform current transportation systems, promoting sustainable mobility and addressing community needs. Follow them on Facebook and LinkedIn for more updates.


Founder Mihai Stumbea and Salman Hussain are at the helm of FUSE, a unique platform that enables cars to shift from petrol to electric. FUSE’s inception stems from the vision of innovating E-mobility to fuel a sustainable future. The company can be found on LinkedIn.

NWTN Motors

Specializing in mobility tech, NWTN provides green energy solutions and passenger-focused mobility. This innovative unit also has a social media presence via Facebook and LinkedIn.


Founding the innovative platform, SULMI, Rashid Alsalmi and his team are changing the landscape of Dubai’s e-vehicle market. Being a clean energy solutions provider, SULMI develops Autonomous Driving Vehicle Technologies to manufacture Electric Cars and related products and services.

Republic Auto Spare Parts

Republic Auto Spare Parts is one of the leading exporters of spare auto parts from the UAE. Providing goods superior in quality, they have steadily established themselves in the wholesale market, serving clients from 27 countries worldwide. Visit their Facebook page for updates.

Saifee Ship Spare Parts & Chandlers

Saifee Ship, is not your typical chandlery. Specializing in new-build deliveries to Korea, China, and Japan, this company offers competitive pricing for their vast stock of goods. Their commitment to quality made them one of the leading companies in marine technology and transportation sectors. Stay connected via their Facebook and LinkedIn pages.

Written by Mark Smith

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