Emerging Machine Learning Innovators Based in Denver, Colorado


The machine learning industry is booming with a rapid expansion of its applications across various sectors. Denver, Colorado, a city known for its blend of outdoor charm and urban sophistication, is also becoming known for its vibrant tech scene. Several innovative companies leveraging artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies are flourishing in Denver.

Many tech companies found Denver’s business-friendly environment conducive to growth and success. With rich talent pools, lower costs of living compared to other major cities, and access to a range of industries, Denver has become a hub for tech innovation. Denver’s vibrant machine learning landscape is impacting various sectors from agriculture and insurance to natural processing and digital marketing. The following companies are key players in this revolution.

Each listed company has its unique approach to using machine learning technology to solve real-world problems. From complex data management to farming optimization and customer service enhancement, these companies are reshaping how businesses operate and thrive.


Veritone, founded by Chad Steelberg, Patrick Lennon, Ryan Steelberg, and Zeus Peleuses, is at the forefront of enterprise artificial intelligence solutions. Their enterprise AI platform, aiWARE, leverages machine learning to transform various data sources into actionable intelligence. They’re helping organizations become more efficient, accelerate decision making, and increase profitability. Connect with Veritone for more details.

Tortuga AgTech

Established by Eric Adamson and Tim Brackbill, Tortuga AgTech aims to reshape the agriculture sector through advanced automation and machine learning. Their mission is to create a healthier society by enabling farmers to grow more nutritious produce in a more sustainable way. Their sophisticated systems also generate full-time technical jobs, enhancing local job markets. Check their LinkedIn out for more details.


Flyreel, co-founded by Cole Winans, Laurie Kuhn, and Randy Hamilton, is revolutionizing the insurance industry. By using artificial intelligence, property data can be documented and processed more efficiently, providing better risk and hazard understanding. Interested readers can find more about Flyreel on their LinkedIn page.


Developed by Fred Yoon, Kyle Bernhardy, Stephen Goldberg, and Zachary Fowler, HarperDB is a versatile platform designed to reduce system latency and complexity. With its unique NoSQL and SQL workload compatibility, HarperDB can scale as business requirements grow. Visit their LinkedIn for more information.

Valyant AI

Rob Carpenter founded Valyant AI with the aim of breaking down barriers between humans and computers. Their innovative platform offers automated AI solutions to the restaurant and retail industry, thereby expediting customer orders, cutting overheads, and boosting profits. Visit their LinkedIn page for more details.


Shotzr, established by Frank Cardello and Mark Lemmons, focuses on delivering the right images for every marketing moment. They identify with their customers by providing contextual imagery matching their audience targeting. Visit their LinkedIn page for updates.

Founded by Michael Pytel and Yosh Eisbart, is revolutionizing warehouse management using deep-learning AI and machine learning technologies. They optimize core warehouse operations, driving cost savings, labor optimization, and higher throughput. Connect with on LinkedIn for more insights.


Collimator, created by Reda Dehy, models and simulates communication and control systems with machine learning, optimizing workflow efficiency. The pioneering company was founded in 2020 and is based in Denver, Colorado. Visit their LinkedIn page to learn more.

Orderly Health

Orderly Health, founded by James Dickhoner and Kevin Krauth, focuses on secure storage, maintenance, and access to healthcare data. Their mission is to enhance the patient experience and save their customers millions of dollars annually through accurate data access. Visit their LinkedIn page for more information.

Pipeline Equity

Pipeline Equity, founded by Katica Roy and Stefan Ramsbott, is creating a wave in the fintech world. They leverage AI to assess, address, and take action against the gender bias costing the US economy trillions of dollars. Visit their LinkedIn page to know more about their projects.


Founded by Harrison Neff, Kate Garrigan, and Tanner McGraw, BlueSuit applies real estate-specific algorithms and machine learning to produce structured data from input documents, vastly improving the real estate industry’s data handling capabilities. You can learn more about BlueSuit on their LinkedIn page.

Written by Mark Smith

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