Exploring Redwood City’s Impact on Future Machine Learning Innovations

Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence are rapidly growing fields bringing in new-age transformations to various industries. Home of leading tech giants, Silicon Valley has also nurtured budding tech startups specializing in Machine Learning. Redwood City, a part of Silicon Valley, can be acknowledged as a burgeoning hub of machine learning technology. This article showcases some of the eminent companies headquartered in Redwood City which are contributing significantly towards advancing Machine Learning and AI technologies. Luckily for you, they’re all located in one place- Redwood City, California, United States. Here is a brief look at these enterprises:

Mad Street Den

Focused on retail technology, Mad Street Den was established by Anand Chandrasekaran in 2013. It is a computer vision and artificial intelligence startup, boasting of its first vertically integrated AI stack for Retail, The AI solutions provided by Mad Street Den cover a broad spectrum of the Retail value chain and believes in bringing the power of artificial intelligence to the reach of every human.


TigerGraph is a platform for advanced analytics and machine learning on connected data. They have developed the industry’s only distributed native graph database, supporting a multitude of applications ranging from fraud detection to network analysis. Their innovative technology empowers businesses to unlock the potential of connected data and transform their analytics.

Bear Robotics

Bear Robotics intends to revolutionize the restaurant and food service industry with the power of robotics and AI. Founded in 2017, Bear Robotics takes customer experience and satisfaction to new heights while increasing restaurant profits ultimately.


Suki is a digital medical assistant powered by AI to aid healthcare organizations. It takes away a lot of administrative burdens and refocuses physicians on patient care.

Citrine Informatics



Alcatraz AI

Phiar Technologies



Written by Mark Smith

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