Energy Efficiency Innovations: Spotlight on Santiago’s Revolutionary Industry Leaders

With a surge in the need for sustainable and efficient energy solutions, from solar energy to smart building technologies, many companies are making strides towards making a meaningful impact on preserving our planet’s resources. Santiago, Region Metropolitana, Chile has become a hub for innovation in the energy efficiency industry. Let’s explore some of these game-changing companies that are leading the charge forward.

The energy efficiency industry is home to a myriad of inventors and solution creators who are unearthing new ways to save energy. These companies have proven their prowess in everything from harnessing solar power, to optimizing energy use through AI-powered tools. Most notably, Santiago has proven to be a powerhouse for these forward-thinking companies. Let’s delve into some of the top players in Santiago’s energy efficiency scene.

From IoT-based power management systems and solar-driven energy solutions to innovative electrical distribution services, these trailblazers are revolutionizing the way we think about and use energy. Whether your business is looking to become more energy-efficient or you’re interested in the future of the energy sector, these companies are worth keeping an eye on.

Wenu Work

Founded by Daniel Santander and Daniel Waintrub, Wenu Work stands at the forefront of IoT technology aimed at making companies more productive and sustainable through energy efficiency. Through easy-to-install sensors and user-friendly platforms, they offer invaluable tools for informed decision-making regarding energy efficiency, resource allocation, and sustainability communication. Follow them on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.


At the heart of Santiago is Monitor, a company that leverages IoT to help industries overcome operational challenges. Founded by Javier Smitmans, Monitor uses a cloud-based BI for providing real-time operational intelligence and automating data acquisition workflows. Follow Monitor on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

Elementa Energy Solutions

With a patent-protected solar tracking mirror system, Elementa Energy Solutions, founded by Jayson Zwierschke, provides sustainable and cost-effective electricity for the world’s most underserved populations.


Belmont, an energy efficiency company founded by Pedro Gray, offers an innovative way to monitor and manage energy consumption via the internet and remote control devices. They claim to save up to 20% on energy bills.


Clickie propels energy conservation efforts by providing real-time monitoring solutions for electricity consumption. Founded by Jose Miguel Concha Rivas, it allows organizations to lower their energy costs and CO2 emissions, promising up to 20% savings. Connect with them on LinkedIn.

EcoFuels SpA

A pioneer in sustainable engineering, EcoFuels SpA, started by Ariel D. Crespo Araoz and Jose Alfredo Duguet Sáez, focuses on developing energy solutions and conducting consultancy activities to achieve optimal energy efficiency.


Proffering sustainable energy solutions to heavy industries, WatGen is committed to aiding industries adapt to climate change. You can follow their work on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

Aela Energía

Aela Energía is a privately held company that excels in generating renewable energy. Founded in 2013, their commitment to renewable energy solutions is commendable. Get to know them better on LinkedIn.

Enersafe Respaldo de Energia

Specialising in energy backup solutions for high-value infrastructures, Enersafe Respaldo de Energia provides robust equipment, consulting and service solutions. They prove indispensable when it comes to managing energy for mission-critical systems. You can find them on LinkedIn.

Written by Mark Smith

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