Philadelphia’s Pioneer Energy Efficiency Firms Revolutionizing Sustainable Technology Solutions

Philadelphia, a city rich in history and culture, has recently seen a surge of innovative companies leading the charge in energy efficiency. They are transforming the way we understand and use energy, consequently helping to shape a more sustainable future. This article, in the series about companies operating in the Energy Efficiency industry, showcases those with their headquarters located in the historic city of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

These groundbreaking companies range across different industries, but they all have one thing in common – they are championing energy efficiency. From software that transforms energy profiles into financial returns to drivers designed for efficiency, these companies are going above and beyond in their pursuit of a sustainable future for all of us.

Join us as we explore each of these companies, delving deep into the essence of their operations, their ideas, their founders, and most importantly, the subsequent impact they’re making in the realm of energy efficiency.

Viridity Energy

Founded by trailblazers Alain Steven, and Bruce Sher, Viridity Energy is a company dedicated to transforming how energy customers interact with the electric grid. Using their energy enabling software, customers can get the most out of their energy profiles, leading to substantial financial returns. @viridityenergy, Facebook, LinkedIn.


AgileSwitch, co-founded by Robert Weber, provides revolutionary plug and play drivers designed for maximum efficiency. Customizable to meet any application’s needs, these drivers represent a turning point in the energy management industry. Connect with them at their LinkedIn page.

Ultra Capital

Founded by Mike Reynolds, Ultra Capital focuses on infrastructure that is not only sustainable but also drives growth in real assets related to renewable energy and industrial decarbonization. Be sure to follow them on Facebook and LinkedIn.

NovaThermal Energy

NovaThermal Energy uses a patented technology that transfers heat energy directly from the municipal sewer infrastructure, transforming the industry’s understanding of energy resource allocation. Find them on LinkedIn and follow them on @NovaThermal.

VICA Technologies

As a key player in the energy management industry, VICA Technologies is dedicated to providing solutions that contribute to energy efficiency on a grand scale.

Lux Products

Lux Products blends consumer goods manufacturing with energy efficiency. They are committed to designing innovative household products that prioritize convenience and sustainability. Follow LuxProducts on @lux_products, Facebook, and their LinkedIn page.

Nihilo Group

Specialized in customer acquisition and brand awareness for clients, Nihilo Group is a direct marketing firm that employs unique strategies geared towards enhancing the customer experience in cost-effective ways. Follow them on @NihiloGroup, Facebook, and check their LinkedIn page.


CivicMob is an impressive crowdsource conservation project, aimed at identifying opportunities for conservation within large institutions. They focus on energy-efficient solutions that save on utility costs while promoting environmental sustainability. Follow them on @civic_mob.

Custom Coup

Custom Coup is revolutionizing the way customers get deals by allowing them to decide their own prices on the things they want most. Follow them on @CustomCoup.

These companies are trailblazers in the field of energy efficiency and are shaping the future of energy management industry. Philadelphia’s commitment to supporting businesses that push the boundaries and challenge traditional norms in energy use is paving the way for a more sustainable future for us all.

Written by Mark Smith

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