Environmental Consultancy Innovations: Spotlight on Cincinnati-based Enterprises

In the ever-evolving technological world, the ability to harmonize tech advancements with the natural environment is not only a necessity but a communal responsibility. Companies working in the Environmental Consulting Industry are the heroes of this narrative, ensuring the development of solutions that safeguard our environment. Here, we focus on Cincinnati, Ohio, a city known for more than its famous chili. The city is home to various environmental consulting firms dedicated to protecting the ecological integrity of our planet. Join us as we highlight these trailblazing companies.

In this series, we will delve into the intricate balance between innovation and environmental protection. We applaud the companies taking up the challenge of aligning technological advancements with nature’s protection. These firms are pioneers of change, devising innovative ways to protect our environment, critical for our survival and future generations. This article focuses on Cleveland, Ohio, known for its prowess in the Tech Industry and Environmental conservation. We celebrate the companies, laying the groundwork for sustainable development in Ohio and the United States at large.

We’ve identified an array of extraordinary companies, each with its unique approach and contribution to environmental conservation. From air pollution control to waste management, environmental training, and beyond, these companies are transforming the landscape of technological innovation with environmental consciousness at the heart. Let’s dive into their world and explore their ingenuity.

CECO Environmental Corp

Founded by Phillip DeZwirek, CECO Environmental Corp is a worldwide provider of air pollution control technology. CECO operates through three principal product groups, providing a variety of air pollution control technology and equipment. Known for acquisitions that further enhance their services like Aarding Thermal Acoustics B.V and Met-Pro Corporation, they are continuously evolving to meet the current environmental needs.

Trans Ash

Trans Ash is a civil construction and environmental company, offering contracts for power generation and heavy industrial markets. They leverage their expertise to contribute to environmental preservation while providing unmatched services in the industry.


Founded by William F. Rumpke, Rumpke is an industrial leader in the world of waste management and recycling. They are committed to protecting the environment and ensuring that waste is properly managed and recycled.

Gray & Pape

With its headquarters in Cincinnati, Gray & Pape provides a range of services that revolve around cultural resources studies. They offer support beyond traditional CRM consulting, including project management of the client’s CRM interests. They are a small business enterprise and a charter member of the American Cultural Resources Association.

Environmental Solutions & Innovations

Environmental Solutions & Innovations is a consulting and environmental engineering company dedicated to developing solutions that ensure sustainability and address environmental challenges of our time.

MCS Midwest

MCS Midwest provides solutions for various types of waste, including cardboard and food. They offer diverse services, including mobile container repair and painting, compactor and baler repair service, and custom welding services.

Bin There Dump That

Bin There Dump That specializes in environmental consulting in the rental industry. They offer effective management solutions.

Kingdom Productions

Kingdom Productions seamlessly blends creativity and environmental preservation. Specializing in 3D Tech, they handle project management with an environmental lens.


Anemoi is an energy company that focuses on renewable and wind energy solutions. They aim to revolutionize the energy sector with sustainable solutions that align with environmental protection objectives.

Environmental and Safety Solutions

Providing environmental and safety consulting services, Environmental and Safety Solutions ensures OSHA and EPA compliance. They provide tailored solutions catered toward company and customer needs.

Pinnacle Environmental

Pinnacle Environmental provides a wide array of safety consultation services, including asbestos and lead-based paint management. Their offerings align perfectly with public safety and environmental conservation efforts.

Written by Mark Smith

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