Environmental Consulting Leaders in Peterborough: Sustainable Tech Innovators Spotlight

Welcome to this installment of our series profiling a selection of standout businesses headquartered in Peterborough, Ontario. We are focusing on the sector of Environmental Consulting. It will serve as an eye-opening resource, especially for those who are fascinated by entrepreneurship, technology, and of course, the environment. By highlighting these companies, we hope to shed light on their efforts in making the environment a better place and providing innovative solutions and services related to sustainability and conservation. These companies are a testament to Peterborough’s recognition as an important hub for environmental consulting.

From forest management to waterpower, from health care to community-based initiatives, these companies are applying expertise, innovation, and technology solutions to ecological and environmental concerns. It should be noted that the breadths of these services are wide and inter-linked, touching upon numerous segments of the economy. Besides this, most of the companies also offer related education and knowledge dissemination activities, underlining their commitment to the environment and society at large.

In true Futurology style, we will explore the various exciting ways these companies leverage technology to meet their mission. Not only will we dive into what they currently offer, but will take a look at how they plan to expand their services in the future. Keeping the environment in mind, let’s begin with the first company on our list.


OptiSolve, founded by Natalie Ambler, is a healthcare-driven environmental consulting company. Their unique evidence-based technology reveals contamination on surfaces and validates cleaning protocols. This ensures people and spaces are cleaner, safer, and healthier. They provide a comprehensive management system that conducts, tracks, and reports site assessments regarding cleaning quality, surface cleaning validation, and environmental monitoring and audit. Follow them on their Twitter, check out their Facebook page or have a look at their LinkedIn for more information.

Otonabee Conservation

As its name implies, Otonabee Conservation is focused on water-related and general environmental conservation. Although details on their specific projects are sparse, their commitment to conservation in the Otonabee region is clear. Connect with them on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.


Forest~Pro specializes in forestry-based environmental consulting and engineering. Their services range from forest tax incentive programs, timber harvest and sales management to wildlife habitat management and woodlot inventory appraisal services. Stay connected with them on LinkedIn.

Ontario Waterpower Association

Ontario Waterpower Association is another notable company in environmental engineering and consulting, specifically in the waterpower segment. You can stay updated with them through their Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn feeds.

Green Communities Canada

Green Communities Canada is a non-profit environmental organization that seeks to foster sustainable communities. Check them out on their Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn platforms.

Oakridge Environmental

Finally, Oakridge Environmental concludes our list. This company offers a broad portfolio of services from hydrogeology, environmental biology, consultation, mineral and aggregate resources, to environmental site assessments. Visit their Facebook page and LinkedIn to learn more about their work.

Through this article, we hope to have given you a glimpse into the breadth and depth of the environmental consulting industry in Peterborough. These companies exemplify the spirit of innovation and commitment to sustainability that is pivotal as we pave our way to a more sustainable future in the face of environmental challenges.

Written by Mark Smith

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