Kyiv Based Environmental Consulting Firms Leading Eco-Innovation in Ukraine

The environmental consultative industry in Ukraine is gathering significant attention in recent times due to its dedication to making a difference in the world. Many businesses in the sector are stepping up to the challenge of providing solutions for cleaner, safer, and more sustainable future, notably, in Kyiv, the heart of Ukraine. This piece will highlight several companies in this sector, operating from the city of Kyiv, making a significant impact in the environmental consulting field.

These businesses range from those focused on manufacturing to agriculture, with some even specializing in specific areas, such as clean and resource-efficient production. Their services often tie into various industries and infrastructural systems, making their role crucial in creating sustainable urban landscapes. Regardless of their size, these firms stand as shining examples of environmental stewardship and responsibility, taking tangible steps to create a more sustainable planet. Here, we take a closer look at these exceptional companies.

Meet Kyiv-based pioneers in the environmental consulting industry and learn about their important contributions to ecologically sustainable urban systems.


S.Lab is a trailblazer in innovative biodegradable packaging and decorations. Based in Kyiv, its key products are crafted from hemp and mycelium, following sustainable and eco-friendly manufacturing standards to ensure minimal negative impact on the environment. Their pioneering work brings a fresh perspective to the manufacturing sector, one that embraces green and sustainable practices.

Organic Standard

Companies like Organic Standard are revolutionizing the agricultural industry with their organic consulting approaches. They commit to promoting and facilitating organic farming practices while maintaining the highest standards of environmental health and sustainability. To get to know more about Organic Standard and their initiatives, visit their Facebook page.


Ecozahist, another Kyiv-based environmental consulting firm, specializes not only in environmental consulting but in environmental engineering as well. With a keen eye on ensuring a green future, they work diligently to provide solutions that are both effective and sustainable.

Proektno-Ekolohichnyi Konsaltynh

Proektno-Ekolohichnyi Konsaltynh is an organization that ventures into the less-trodden path of life science alongside environmental consulting. They contribute significantly to research and practices that seek to understand and improve the interaction between humans and the environment. Visit their Facebook page to keep up with their latest projects.


With a niche focus on environmental engineering, manufacturing, testing, and measurement, Avtoekoprylad is another Kyiv-based company contributing to the environmental consulting landscape. They are renowned for their attention to details and exacting standards, ensuring that their solutions are meticulous and thorough.

Centre For Resource Effective And Clean Production

Lastly, the Centre For Resource Effective And Clean Production is making waves in the field of natural resources. They provide a deep dive into resource management and conservation, encouraging clean and effective production methods to promote sustainability. Check out their initiatives and latest projects on their Facebook page.

These are only some of the innovative environmental consultative companies that have sprouted in the heart of Kyiv, Ukraine, underlining the city’s rising environmental consciousness. With their profound commitment to sustainability and their hands-on approach to dealing with environmental challenges, these organizations indeed stand out in their quest for a greener, cleaner, and more sustainable world. Stay tuned for future insights on more eco-conscious businesses in Ukraine.

Written by Mark Smith

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