Exploring Ahmedabad’s Pioneering Precious Metals Industry: Gujarat’s Futuristic Companies

The beautiful city of Ahmedabad, in Gujarat, India, is home to a handful of companies operating relentlessly in the Precious Metals industry. These companies, each unique in their operation and offering, are leaving no stone unturned in making a mark in their respective fields operating from their headquarters in Ahmedabad. This carefully curated article features ten such firms that are marching ahead in the global precious metals industry.

From mining and trading of precious metals to manufacturing jewellery and providing solutions for waste management, these companies are shining examples of relentless effort and commitment towards their work, customers and stakeholders. Here’s taking a journey through each one of them.

Mercury Metals India

Mercury Metals Limited is a major player in the trading of ferrous and non-ferrous metals. Besides dealing in precious metals, the firm is also engaged in the wholesale of metal and non-metal waste & scrap, thus contributing to responsible waste management.

Shree Vallabh Chemicals

Shree Vallabh Chemicals, founded by Rajubhai Shah, is a versatile company that operates in the Chemical, Manufacturing, Precious Metals segment. With the right combination of expertise, experience, and vision, the company is steadfast and resilient in its mission.

Suraj Limited

Suraj Limited is a globally recognized company offering solutions in the fields of Industrial Engineering, Manufacturing, Mechanical Engineering, Precious Metals. They are well-known and respected in the industry for their impeccable quality products and services.

Laxmi Jewellery

Laxmi Jewellery is renowned for manufacturing exquisite diamond jewellery. Outshining in its sector, it also produces authentic 22 carat Jadtars alongside 18-carat diamond jewellery. Their products have gained international recognition and are exported worldwide.


S.A.L. Steel, founded by Rajendrakumar Shah, is a dynamic company dealing in power, steel, and ferroalloys. Located strategically close to finished-product clients and one of the busiest commercial ports, the company’s effectiveness is massively enhanced.

Vitesse Agro

Working in the Chemical, Manufacturing, Precious Metals segment, Vitesse Agro is known for delivering top-notch quality, ensuring customer satisfaction with every product and service.

Real Strips

Real Strips was founded by Amritlal K. Kataria and is an aspiring company in the Manufacturing, Precious Metals industry, aiming to deliver high-quality products and services.

Arfin India

Founded by Mahen Shah, ARFIN INDIA strides in the mining and metals industry. It is a technology company which specializes in the fields of mining and precious metals.

Sona Hi Sona Jewellers

Sona Hi Sona is a versatile company operating in the Consumer Goods, Fashion, Jewelry, Manufacturing, Precious Metals industry. It delivers premium quality products and has made a valuable contribution to its industry through its impeccable services.

Penta Gold

Penta Gold is a leading jewelry store that manufactures, trades, and offers e-commerce services. Apart from selling silver, diamonds, and platinum jewelry, they also cater to the fashion-conscious customers with their fashion jewelry. They offer a wide range of products studded with pearls and precious stones.

Ashapuri Gold Ornament

Ashapuri Gold Ornament is a prominent company in the manufacturing and marketing industry with a focus on precious metals. The company’s offerings have contributed significantly to the industry’s growth and development, making it a respected player.

Written by Mark Smith

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