Montréal’s Precious Metals Firms: Innovating Futures in Canadian Tech Scene

In the heart of Québec, a hub of limitless potential is rapidly developing in the precious metals industry. It has always been known that Montréal is historically rich in precious resources, but now, the landscape of this industry is being transformed by a legion of innovative companies. Each are at the bleeding edge of technology and exploration in their respective fields, disrupting the norms and redefining future expectations.

These companies are diverse, operating in industries ranging from mining and exploration to advanced materials, business intelligence and technology solutions. Each one brings a unique perspective and approach to the table, helping to paint a comprehensive and groundbreaking panorama of the precious metals sector. For those looking for ventures that make a difference in the world, these companies are changing the game.

Let’s delve into the portfolios of these companies, and uncover the exceptional work they are achieving in Montréal’s precious metals industry.

Nomad Royalty Company

Nomad Royalty Company, co-founded by Elif Levesque, Joseph de la Plante, and Vincent Metcalfe, is a growth-focused entity that explores and develops precious and base metal resources. The company has its eyes set on the Biricu Project; a 90,000 acre area undergoing modern-day exploration for gold reserves.

Falco Resources

Headed by Luc Lessard, Falco Resources is a junior resource exploration company, forged from the prolific Rouyn Noranda Mining Camp. The company employs advanced data mining tactics to “rediscover” the Horne 5 deposit.

BlackRock Metals

BlackRock Metals, co-founded by David Alan Caldwell and Sean Cleary, undertakes the mining of iron, titanium, vanadium, and other valued commodities across North America. Its operations are based out of Montréal, with offices in Toronto, Ontario and Chibougamau, Quebec.

Amex Exploration

Amex Exploration is a junior mining exploration entity listed on the TSX Venture Exchange. Its main objective is to develop and bring into production viable gold and base metal deposits.

Dundee Sustainable Technologies

Dundee Sustainable Technologies develops proprietary hydrometallurgical processes for extracting base and precious metals from ores, concentrates, and tailings. Metals that couldn’t be exploited with conventional processes due to environmental or metallurgical issues can now be effectively uncovered.


Under the management of co-founders Jamal Chaouki, Mohamed Khalil, and Sylvain Savard, Pyrocycle has introduced a new thermochemical process for recycling end-of-life electronics waste. This innovative technique helps in the recovery of precious metals, while disposing of e-waste responsibly.


Invera is a large-scale software company delivering specialized solutions for the metal industry. With over thirty years of experience, Invera’s industry-specific ERP software addresses unique requirements in areas like sales, multi-step production, inventory management, and shop floor operations.

Osisko Mining Corporation

Founded by Sean Roosen, the Osisko Mining Corporation is a mid-tier gold producer that acquiring, exploring, developing, and mining gold properties. Osisko operates the Canadian Malartic gold mine in Malartic, Québec, and continues its exploration work on several other projects.

HPQ-Silicon Resources

HPQ Silicon Resources is a High Purity Quartz and Gold exploration company focused on generating free cash flow. The company’s business model is based on developing projects suited for smaller-scale start-ups that yield high returns.


Niocan was established in 1995 as a mineral exploration company. The company is focused on financing, developing, and obtaining permits for their major projects which include the Oka Niobium Project and the Great Whale Iron property.

Rio Tinto Alcan Inc.

Rio Tinto Alcan Inc. is among the big leagues in Montréal’s mining landscape, engaged in the mining and production of bauxite, alumina, and aluminum.

Written by Mark Smith

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