Exploring Austria’s Pioneers in Graz’s Augmented Reality Tech Scene

Augmented Reality (AR) has emerged as one of the most promising technologies in the world, finding extensive applications across multiple sectors including gaming, e-commerce, education, healthcare, and more. Today, we shift our focus to Graz, Steiermark, Austria, a burgeoning hub of AR technology where several innovative companies are leading the way. In this article, we will delve into the operations and contributions of several companies that have chosen Graz as their base, and are driving forward the next technological revolution.

These companies are doing exceptional work in their respective fields, harnessing the capabilities of augmented reality and related technologies like artificial intelligence and big data. From improving online shopping experiences to industrial engineering, they are devising solutions to a wide array of modern-day challenges.

Let’s explore these companies and understand their invaluable contributions to the AR industry.

Reactive Reality

In the world of e-commerce, Reactive Reality is making waves with their technological marvel, the PICTOFiT platform. This platform transforms online shopping experiences by leveraging augmented reality to enable the customers to try on the outfits on their photorealistic avatars, leading to a reported 6x sales uplift for their clients. Reactive Reality uses AI to transform existing product photos into AR assets quickly and efficiently. Founded by Dieter Schmalstieg, Philip Grasmug, Philipp Pani, and Stephen Hauswiesner, Reactive Reality is mastering the fusion of AI and AR to revolutionize online shopping experiences.

AR4 GmbH

A spinoff company from Graz University of Technology, AR4 GmbH focuses on developing professional tools for Augmented Reality applications in industries under the registered trademark VIZARIO™. The company’s mission is to streamline and augment industrial processes with the power of AR, making it an indispensable asset in the field of industrial engineering. is carving out its own niche as a digital platform that amalgamates all web content in one place, eradicating the need for downloading individual apps for each content provider. serves as a one-stop app that works on every device, thereby providing an efficient and streamlined digital experience for users.


ar:met, headed by Dominik Gärner, is delivering software solutions, consultancy services, and mobile apps revolving around augmented reality. While the company keeps a low profile about their projects, their expertise and contributions in the AR domain are exceptional.

Golem Digital

Innovation, creativity, and technical competence are the driving forces behind Golem Digital. They operate in the fields of Computer Vision, Augmented Reality, and Virtual Reality. Also, they develop web platforms and mobile apps to bring lively experiences and inspire users with high-tech solutions.

Heijar Software

Founded by Michael Debenjak, Heijar Software is another promising company situated in Graz. While information about their projects is limited, their commitment to AR, CMS, and IT holds promise for superior technological solutions in the coming future.

Each of these Graz-based companies are doing commendable work in leveraging Augmented Reality, driving the industry forward and paving way for groundbreaking innovations in the future. Their contributions are helping Graz, Steiermark, Austria, gain recognition as a hotbed for AR technology, even as they redefine the ways in which the technology can be used to improve and augment human experiences.

Stay tuned as we continue to bring you the latest updates from this futuristic, bleeding-edge world of technology.

Written by Mark Smith

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