Poland’s Wroclaw Hub: Augmenting Reality through Innovative Technological Ventures

Wroclaw, a city in the Dolnoslaskie region of Poland, is emerging as a hub for companies specializing in Augmented Reality. The convergence of technology, creativity, and innovation within this sector is transforming perceptions of reality and offering groundbreaking solutions across industries from security and software development to motorcycle safety and industrial processes. This series is dedicated to highlighting some of the game-changing Augmented Reality companies headquartered in Wroclaw. Discover the visionaries shaping the future of technology in the heart of Poland.

From companies at the forefront of hardware and software solutions, digital transformation services, advanced training modules, artificial intelligence applications, to gaming, each of these companies is redefining the way we view, engage and interact with the world around us. Their cutting-edge approach to Augmented Reality is not only pushing the boundaries of what is possible within the sector but concurrently providing novel solutions to real-world challenges.

We invite you to meet the innovators and explore the unique offerings of several Augmented Reality companies based in Wroclaw. Their remarkable journey will inspire you to imagine a future where technology and creativity converge in previously unexplored dimensions.


Founded by Grzegorz Palmer and Wojciech Trelak, Seemore specializes in highly advanced solutions associated with augmented reality. The company aims to transform how motorcycle riders perceive their environment by providing them with access to critical information and a heightened sense of security and comfort. Their innovative vision differentiates them in the AR market. Connect with them on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.


Nsflow is focused on enhancing various processes across industrial companies with advanced AR technology. Their platform is designed to streamline remote collaboration, encourage digital transfer and storage of knowledge, and improve maintenance procedures. By effectively addressing the manufacturing industry’s challenges, they are contributing to building more efficient enterprises. Check out their Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn pages for more information.


Effective knowledge sharing and consistent employee training are the hallmarks of Samelane. With Co-founders Mark Taggart and Tomasz Kowalczyk at the helm, this company is revolutionizing corporate training and vendor interaction through their AI-powered reporting module.Learn more about their services on their LinkedIn page.

Giant Lazer

Combining software development with augmented and virtual reality, Giant Lazer is a major player in the AR industry in Wroclaw. While specifics about the company remain undisclosed, you can follow their progress via their Facebook page.


In the world of gaming, Gamedust is a name to reckon with. Blending augmented reality, software development, and virtual reality into an immersive gaming experience, this company is making a mark in AR. Keep up with their journey on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Var Unit

Var Unit, led by founders Wojciech Tubek and Wojtek Turowicz, is dedicated to transforming ideas into tailor-made business solutions. They leverage Augmented Reality, Cloud Computing, Computer Vision, and other technologies to create unrivaled products and experiences. Keep up to date with their work via Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Written by Mark Smith

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