Exploring Graz’s Impact on the Global Machine Learning Industry Landscape

The undulating waves of technological advancements roll out before us, invoking countless possibilities for our future, none more groundbreaking than that of Machine Learning. This revolutionary field has become a vital instrument in the enterprise toolbox, accelerating the shift towards automation and predictive analytics. However, beyond the confines of tech havens like Silicon Valley, a nucleus of innovation thrives. Nestled amidst Austria’s green heart, Graz is home to several leading-edge Machine Learning companies disrupting traditional industries and paving the way for a digitized future.

Graz, the capital of Steiermark, Austria, despite its quaint historical façade, is an epicentre of technological innovation. This charming city has become a breeding ground for companies operating at the forefront of the Machine Learning industry. These trailblazing institutions are pushing the envelope, creating new paths for artificial intelligence under the verdant skyline of Graz, and transforming the landscape of sectors ranging from cloud computing to sports training.

As Graz’s tech scene continues to burgeon, we turn our attention to eight exemplary companies that are harnessing the potential of Machine Learning. These companies —, Leftshift One, IPEAK, Cirtuo, i4SEE TECH, auphonic, Enaible and more — are shaping and expanding the boundaries of AI while contributing to the grand tapestry of Graz’s technological scene.

Founded by Brad Young, Michael Putz, and Thomas Richter, is unleashing the potential of AI, cloud computing, computer vision, and machine learning. The company specializes in creating a 3D digital twin of Earth through the extraction of information from satellite imagery. Prominent clients from diverse sectors such as government, geospatial intelligence, autonomous driving, insurance, and smart cities are leveraging Blackshark’s advanced platform. Get connected with them on LinkedIn.

Leftshift One

In the high-tech domain of AI, Leftshift One, founded by Christian Weber and Patrick Ratheiser, has carved its niche. Their revolutionary AI Operating System acts as a versatile toolbox and foundation for creating custom AI products. Committed to data sovereignty, Leftshift One ensures privacy through its on-site and private cloud hosting facilities. Follow them on LinkedIn and Facebook.


With its roots in sports training and predictive analytics, IPEAK offers a platform for creating, finding, and sharing workouts and diverse motion sequences. Spearheaded by Andreas Konrad, Dominik Widnig, and Manuel Schneeweiss, IPEAK thrives on sharing inspiration and motivation for movement. Connect with them on LinkedIn and Facebook.


Cirtuo, founded by Drasko Jelavic, is on a mission to revolutionize the procurement process. By translating strategies into day-to-day activities that reduce risks and create value, Cirtuo is transforming procurement. Their AI-enabled software ensures streamlined collaboration yielding tangible improvements backed by reliable benchmarks. Connect with them on LinkedIn and Facebook.


Christopher Gray’s i4SEE TECH is using augmented intelligence to predict wind turbine failures, thus reducing energy costs and triggering a renewable revolution. Specializing in predictive analytics for renewable energy, i4SEE TECH is leveraging AI in transformative ways. Follow i4SEE TECH on LinkedIn.


Founded by Georg Holzmann, auphonic is shaking things up in the fields of music and podcasting with AI-driven post-production. Offering a platform for automated audio and video post-production, auphonic is revolutionizing the way broadcasters, podcasters, and video producers process audio. Stay updated with auphonic’s latest offerings on Facebook and LinkedIn.


Lastly, we have Enaible, a company leveraging the might of AI to automate tasks. Enaible’s core service is to create, manage, and apply AI algorithms, propelling many enterprises into a new era of digital efficiency. Connect with Enaible on LinkedIn.

These pioneering companies are not only contributing immensely to the prospering technological scene of Graz, Steiermark, Austria but are also setting prominent benchmarks on the global stage. As Graz continues to solidify its position as a thriving hub of Machine Learning innovation, we eagerly anticipate the groundbreaking developments that will undoubtedly spring forth from this vibrant city.

Written by Mark Smith

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