Israel’s Caesarea: A Hub for Innovative Machine Learning Enterprises

Located on the Mediterranean coast and within the Haifa District of Israel, the city of Caesarea is emerging as one of the most innovative places for tech companies dealing with Machine Learning.

Machine learning, a crucial element of Artificial Intelligence (AI), is an integral part of the strategy of many businesses seeking to make sense of vast amounts of data and predicting future outcomes. The adaptability and flexibility of machine learning allow companies to handle a broad assortment of tasks, from customer service and cybersecurity, to product recommendation and user behavior prediction.

Within this landscape, several companies located in Caesarea are contributing significantly to machine learning’s growth. Ranging from startups to more established businesses, these companies are shaping the future with their respective technologies. Let’s explore some of these pioneers.


NeuReality, an AI-as-a-service infrastructure designer, was founded by Moshe Tanach. This artificial intelligence, machine learning, and software company addresses the challenges posed by the growing deployment of AI in the cloud, edge, and fog systems. With a focus on semiconductor technology, NeuReality is positioned to make significant advancements in the AI sector. Connect with them on LinkedIn.

PolyN Technology

PolyN Technology, founded by Alex Timofeev, Boris Maslov, Dmitry Godovsky, and Ilya Rodin, operates in various fields such as artificial intelligence, electronics, information technology, machine learning, semiconductors, and software innovation. A fabless semiconductor startup, seeks to enable electronics around us to feel and sense almost as humans do, with neuromorphic analog sensible implants. This company is instrumental in transforming the industry by allowing AI software to be ‘cast’ directly into hardware. Connect with them on LinkedIn.


Founded by Guy Bar Sade and Nadav Amami, Simpool aims to disrupt the game economy through the use of machine learning and artificial intelligence. Realizing the inherent difficulties of profitably managing virtual currency-based games, Simpool developed a solution capable of predicting user behaviour, conducting real-world simulations, and providing real-time monitoring of a game’s economy. The company’s vision expands beyond gaming – to make AI accessible for businesses to discover their next move and improve performance. Connect with them on LinkedIn.


WalkOut, founded by Assaf Gedalia, uses artificial intelligence to develop real-time product identification. This company recognizes the potential of AI in revolutionizing the shopping experience and has developed a platform that aids in personalized recommendations based on real-time actions, past purchases, and location. Connect with them on LinkedIn.


CallMarker was founded by Dori Shabat and uses artificial intelligence to respond to potential customers on your behalf. The system uses your name and voice to create a personalized interaction that is sure to impress your prospective customers. Connect with them on LinkedIn or follow their Facebook page.


BeeEye is a leading player in the fintech industry, providing cutting-edge AI risk decisioning infrastructure. The company was founded by Assaf Binstock and Sivan Rabinovich and offers the EyeOnRisk, a SaaS platform that has digitized risk decisions for various companies, thereby accelerating their onboarding processes. Connect with them on LinkedIn or follow them on Twitter.


BrainVu is a company at the forefront of mental state analysis technology. The company’s ground-breaking technology uses machine vision to determine the mental state of a person based on images captured by a smartphone’s camera. BrainVu was founded by Professor Miriam Reiner and Shay Hilel. Connect with them on LinkedIn.

Written by Mark Smith

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