Exploring Kampala’s Pioneering Innovations in the Ugandan Energy Sector

In the bustling city of Kampala, Uganda, lies a cluster of innovative energy companies at the forefront of the renewable and clean energy revolution. These companies are not just transforming Uganda’s energy landscape, but are setting a template for Africa and the world to follow. Propelled by the vision of attaining sustainable development and energy security, these Ugandan companies are implementing groundbreaking solutions in the energy sector. From solar energy to waste management, they are paving the way for a future powered by sustainable and clean solutions.

The need for renewable and efficient energy is paramount, particularly in countries like Uganda where energy demands are skyrocketing. Mindful of the environmental repercussions of traditional energy sources, these companies in Kampala are placing emphasis on renewable and clean alternatives, bringing to the table pioneering technologies, inventive business models, distinctive hardware, renewable energy schemes, and much more. Let’s delve into the profiles of these companies galvanizing the energy industry in Uganda.

Their ventures may be different; their approaches may be diverse; but the common thread tying each one is their commitment to shaping a sustainable energy future. They challenge the status quo, help to tackle energy poverty, mitigate climate change, and fortify Uganda’s (and Africa’s) energy security. Let’s find out more about this extraordinary cabal of trailblazing enterprises.

GnuGrid Africa

Co-founded by Opio David, GnuGrid Africa is at the forefront of environmental engineering and solar energy technology. The company is influencing the market of solar system providers in Africa with its AI-powered PayGo and AI-optimized hardware circuit board. GnuGrid Africa employs data to de-risk investment in off-grid and on-grid renewables, predominantly solar, and aims to bring about an energy revolution in Uganda and beyond. FacebookLinkedIn


Founded by the enterprising duo Erik Wurster and Nicole Ballin, UpEnergy is helping usher in a new era of social entrepreneurship in the energy sector. Using innovative carbon-financed distribution channels, the company aims to deliver technologies that bring about positive change to underserved households. Among the products distributed by UpEnergy are high-efficiency cookstoves, water purifying technologies, and solar lights. FacebookLinkedIn


David Tusubira helms Innovex, a company that straddles the domains of energy, information technology, and solar energy. Innovex’s work lies at the crossroads of these dynamic fields, creating an impact that transcends them all. FacebookLinkedIn

Charge Ko Technologies

Founded by Geofrey Mutabazi, Charge Ko Technologies is making owning and operating electric vehicles and battery-powered devices more feasible and affordable. The company is facilitating Africa’s transition towards clean mobility and universal energy access. From public pay-per-use phone charging stations to cutting-edge solutions for improved battery life, Charge Ko Technologies is bringing innovation to the energy sector. FacebookLinkedIn

Aptech Africa

A prominent name in the fields of renewable energy, water, and solar energy, Aptech Africa is fulfilling the vision of steering Africa towards sustainable energy solutions. FacebookLinkedIn


ARPE specializes in constructing and operating hydro power projects across Northern Uganda. The company’s profound domain knowledge and meticulous execution has positioned them as a strong player in the energy and infrastructure sectors.

Powah Limited

Active in the renewable energy space, Powah Limited’s work reflects a determination to provide sustainable energy solutions. Facebook

Brent Technologies

Founded by Geoffrey Ssekatawa, Brent Technologies redefines the life cycle of lube oil by converting used lube oil into new base oil and adding it with additives to recover its original lubricity. This makes the oil equivalent to freshly mined oils.


Based in Uganda, Umeme is an energy distribution company that is providing electricity across the southeast of the country. With an extensive distribution network, Umeme is a major force in Uganda’s energy management and power grid sectors. FacebookLinkedIn

Best of Waste

Founded by Betty Kaddu, Best of Waste is a key player in the waste management and energy recycling industries. By reusing waste to produce energy, the company is making a significant contribution to protecting the environment and promoting sustainable energy use.

CTI Africa

CTI Africa is expanding the narrative of the energy sector by branching out into agriculture, consulting, and healthcare, all while constantly pushing the limits of the renewable energy sector. FacebookLinkedIn

At the vanguard of Uganda’s burgeoning energy industry, these companies reflect the nation’s growing prowess in clean and renewable energy. Together, they signify a more sustainable and brighter energy future for Uganda and beyond.

Written by Mark Smith

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