Revolutionary Energy Industry Pioneers Headquartered in Budapest, Hungary


Located at the heart of Central Europe, the vibrant city of Budapest is home to a growing number of forward-thinking companies in the energy industry. These organizations are at the forefront of innovation in various fields such as renewable energy, green technology, and waste management. This article explores some of these trailblazers, delving into their origins, operations, and contributions to the energy industry.

From harnessing solar energy through pavement tiles to delivering tech-driven financial services to startups, these Budapest-based companies offer a glimpse into the future of the energy industry. They underline Hungary and Central Europe’s potential as a hotbed for innovation and creativity in addressing some of the world’s most pressing energy challenges.

In this article, we’ll look at each of these companies, their backgrounds, and their contributions to the industry.


Platio, founded by Imre Sziszak and Miklos Ilyes, is a revolutionary outdoor energy-producing modular paving system that integrates solar cells into sidewalk paving elements made of recycled plastic. With a focus on renewable energy and waste management, the system is designed to operate several public utilities independently from the grid. To discover more about Platio, visit their social media channels on @Platiopavings, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Lead Ventures

Funded by MOL, one of CEE’s most successful energy companies, the Hungarian Development Bank (MFB), and Eximbank, Lead Ventures is a venture capital firm that finances scale-ups in Central Europe. Founded by Abel Galacz, the company seeks to support dynamic teams with unique stories, outstanding growth potential, and market-tested solutions, particularly in the mobility, energy, and sustainability sectors. Find more about Lead Ventures on their LinkedIn page.

MOL Group

The MOL Group is a significant player in Hungary’s economy, with activities spanning the entire supply chain in the energy industry. Keep up to date with the company’s activities on their Facebook and LinkedIn pages.


Established by Joerg Bauer, Tungsram is a major player in the lighting industry and delivers automotive and industrial solutions. Further details can be found on their Facebook and LinkedIn pages.


Founded by Rita Andrássyné Farkas and Zoltán Andrássy, HeatVentors developed a thermal energy storage tank based on phase change material technology. More information can be found on their LinkedIn page.

E-Star Alternative

E-Star Alternative, founded by Csaba Soós and József Makra, is a major player in renewable energy and energy efficiency. Learn more from their Facebook page.

Greenflow Energy Solutions

Greenflow Energy Solutions, founded by Istvan Horvath and Mate Zelenak, delivers energy solutions that can operate round the clock and throughout the year regardless of weather conditions. The company features a modular design with options for agricultural and industrial use.

MOL Hungary

As a member of the MOL Group, MOL Hungary is a key player in Hungary’s economy and regionally, offering services across the entire supply chain, including plastics processing. Follow MOL Hungary on Facebook and LinkedIn.


Visit Mavir’s Facebook and LinkedIn pages for more information about their work in the energy industry.

Valor Capital Venture Capital Fund Management Ltd.

Lead by Gergely Szűcs, Phd, Valor Capital is a late seed/Series A investor active in Hungary and the EU, with an emphasis on IT and green energy projects.

Manitu Solar

For more details about Manitu Solar’s work in solar energy, construction, and sales, visit their Facebook and LinkedIn pages.


Written by Mark Smith

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