Exploring Moscow’s Pioneering Oil and Gas Powerhouses: A Futurology Focus

Moscow, the vibrant capital city of Russia, is not only the neural hub of the country’s politics and culture but also a significant fulcrum of the global Oil and Gas industry. Home to some of the dominant companies in the Energy, Fuel, and Oil & Gas sectors, Moscow continues to provide the world with new technological advancements and innovative solutions designed to revolutionise the industry. This article sheds light on some of the companies leading the charge in this vital sector.

The selected companies, headquartered in Moscow, Moscow City, Russian Federation, are pioneers in their respective domains. From conventional Oil and Gas exploration and production activities to the implementation of artificial intelligence in the industry and the development of efficient fuel technologies, these companies bring a unique blend of expertise and innovation.

Their collective vision drives the industry forward, embracing new challenges and seeking ways to leverage cutting-edge technological developments while ensuring environmental sustainability and optimal efficiency in Oil and Gas production and processing.


Rosneft, co-founded by Igor Sechin, stands as the forerunner of Russia’s petroleum industry, and is currently the world’s largest publicly traded petroleum entity. It focusses on hydrocarbon exploration and production, upstream offshore projects, hydrocarbon refining, and crude oil, gas and product marketing in Russia and globally. Connect with Rosneft on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn to stay updated with their latest news and technologies.


With founders Ilya Galas and Ilya Lyagov at the helm, Perfobur offers innovative radial drilling technology that revitalizes old and marginal oil wells. They resolve the challenge posed by unpredictable trajectory in jet drilling, reducing risk and enhancing productivity. Stay connected with Perfobur on Facebook and LinkedIn.


Geosplit is the brainchild of founders Marina Belova, Tatiana Guryanova, and Vasily Belov. This innovative oilfield service company has developed marker well test technologies for the oil and gas industry and harnesses machine learning algorithms for automated results interpretation. Follow Geosplit on LinkedIn to stay updated with their breakthroughs.


Turbo bridges the gap between resource efficiency and consumer affordability with an application that promises profitable refueling. Stay in the loop by following Turbo on Facebook and LinkedIn.

ML One

ML One offers ingenious solutions for multilateral well extraction by ensuring precise retrieval into the mainbore and lateral components. Stay updated via LinkedIn.

AT Energy

Co-founded by Danila Shaposhnikov and Yuri Dobrovolsky, AT Energy produces hydrogen fuel cells for unmanned systems, backup, and portable applications. Their new MetOx catalyst enables the use of more economical technical H2. Connect with AT Energy on Facebook and LinkedIn.


Onder, founded by Rustam Gabitov, is a promising entity focusing on the Energy, Information Technology, Oil, and Gas sectors. Stay connected via Twitter.

Alvega Technologies

Founded by Oleg Parputs, Alvega Technologies has developed the SALT technology for cost-efficient alkylate production, a key component in cleaner gasoline grades.

Gazohim Techno

Co-founded by Sergey Dolinskiy, Gazohim Techno brings to the market its mini-GTL technology as an economically viable alternative to conventional GTL. Follow them on LinkedIn.


Founded by Pavel Sukhih and Sergey Senchihin, Polymerium is a popular autochemistry and motor oils plant. Stay updated on Twitter, Facebook.


LUKOIL, founded by Vagit Alekperov, is an international giant in the Oil & Gas sector, with a multinational presence. Stay updated with Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Written by Mark Smith

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