New York Oil and Gas Innovators Redefining Industry Standards

Oil and Gas remain to be one of the most relevant and impactful industries worldwide. From powering our homes to our vehicles, these energy resources drive the gears of progress. One of the bustling hubs of this industry is New York, New York, known not only for its skyscrapers but also for its contribution to the development and improvement of the Oil and Gas industry. This area is home to numerous companies operating in this sector, each contributing distinct advancements and innovative strategies in their respective niches.

These companies focus on various aspects, such as renewable energy, predictive analytics, eco-friendly transportation, venture capital, amongst others. They are driven by their commitment to provide better, faster, and more efficient energy solutions, proving that New York is not only a city of dreams but also a city of progress and modernization.

Now lets move forward to acquainting ourselves with some of these innovative companies leading the Oil and Gas industry of New York.

New Fortress Energy

Founded by Wesley Edens, New Fortress Energy is a leading company in the energy infrastructure business, offering reliable power that benefits the environment. They boast to be a global leader that finances and delivers fast-track solutions. You can catch up with their latest updates and initiatives via their social media platforms Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Viridi Energy

Primarily dealing in the Oil and Gas sector, Viridi Energy also extends to biomass energy, natural resources, and energy ventures.


Urbint is an attempt by founders Corey Capasso, Josh Troy, and Ryan Schmukler to predict potential threats to workers and the critical infrastructure of cities in order to prevent potential accidents. Using AI and real-world data, Urbint provides insights to decision-makers a week in advance so that necessary actions can be taken in a timely manner. More information on Urbint can be found out on their Twitter page and LinkedIn profile.

Written by Mark Smith

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