Exploring Nanotechnology Innovations From Pioneering Milpitas, California Companies

Nanotechnology, the manipulation of matter on an atomic and molecular scale, is a rapidly evolving field promising transformative impact across a wide range of industries. Milpitas, California, the epicenter of Silicon Valley’s technological innovation, is home to several pioneering nanotechnology companies. This article casts a spotlight on some of these influential entities, exploring their unique offerings, founders, and the technological enhancements they bring to the forefront.

These companies have not only established themselves as powerhouses in the nanotechnology industry, but they’ve also impacted adjacent sectors like electronics, advanced materials, manufacturing, and even the agriculture industry. Through their diligent efforts and research capabilities, these organizations have reinforced the relevance and potential of nanotechnology, thus bolstering Milpitas’ status as a burgeoning hub for future technologies. Their breakthroughs and innovative applications are helping shape the course of nanotechnology, leading us into a notably promising, advanced future.

Join us as we delve into the profiles of these companies, spotlighting their efforts and contributions towards advancing the nanotechnology scene not just in Milpitas, California, and the United States, but globally as well.


Co-founded by Jim Heath, Larry Bock, Paul Alivisatos, and Peidong Yang, Nanosys is a globally recognized company working with Quantum Dot (QD) technologies. The company’s innovations lie in developing and manufacturing light-emitting QD technologies applicable in a wide range of sectors from electronics to agriculture. More than 20 million devices across 400 unique products have been shipped, bearing testament to Nanosys’s substantial contributions to the nanotechnology industry and overall market influence. Connect with Nanosys on Facebook and LinkedIn.


NanoGram Corporation focuses on developing and manufacturing products for the increasingly high-demand sectors of photovoltaics, electronics, and displays. Demonstrating agility and dynamism, NanoGram has successfully incubated two spin-outs, NeoPhotonics and NanoGram Devices. The company utilises its offices in Tokyo and Seoul to support its growing presence in the Asian market, namely Japan and Korea.


Co-founded by Robin Hayman, Nanometrics is a leading provider of advanced, high-performance process control metrology and inspection systems, extensively utilized in semiconductor fabrication, high-brightness LEDs, data storage devices, and solar photovoltaics manufacturing. Through continuous efforts, Nanometrics achieves its goal of improving yields, increasing productivity, and lowering manufacturing costs.

Nanolab Technologies

Nanolab Technologies provides cutting-edge technology and expertise for a number of industries, including semiconductors, materials science, electronics, LEDs, solar, photovoltaic, nanotechnology, and more. The company’s comprehensive range of services includes failure analysis, analytical microscopy, surface analysis, and FIB circuit edit services.

NanoGram Devices Corporation

Founded by Jason Lemkin, NanoGram Devices Corporation is a well-established nanotechnology company. Despite its single-founder origin, NanoGram Devices Corporation has successfully established its presence in the market, reinforcing the strength and resilience of single-founder start-ups.


Founded by Paul Vickery, QuantaSol is a spin-out from Imperial College London with a goal to enhance the efficiency of solar cells using their advanced technology and pioneering application of nanostructures such as quantum wells and quantum dots for solar photovoltaics.

Written by Mark Smith

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