Exploring Riga’s Pioneering Innovations in the Nanotechnology Industry Landscape

In the present age, technological advancements are transforming the world at an accelerated pace. Among these advancements, nanotechnology stands out for its potential to revolutionize various industries. The abilities of nanotechnology are proving to be influential in resolving significant global challenges in areas including energy production, environmental protection, and healthcare. Nestled in the heart of Latvia, the city of Riga has become a hub for nanotech industries. We would like to introduce you to some of the most promising nanotech firms based in Riga, their vision, and how they’re shaping the industry.

Nanotechnology refers to the manipulation of matter at an atomic or molecular scale. This technology is poised to trigger the next wave of innovation, creating new opportunities for companies worldwide. Profound improvements in areas such as material science, electronics, energy, and healthcare are achievable through nanotechnology. In Riga, these possibilities have begun to take form, as several companies strive to realize the potential of this revolutionary technology.

Here is a list of some of the most promising companies operating in the nanotechnology space in Riga. These firms are making significant strides in introducing cutting-edge solutions to longstanding challenges.


Founded in Riga, Naco operates in the Cleantech, Manufacturing, and Nanotechnology industries. The company focuses on providing ready-to-use coated parts for hydrogen production, signifying its vital role in clean energy initiatives. Connect with them on LinkedIn.

Naco Technologies Ltd

Yet, another nanotech standout is Naco Technologies Ltd, specializing in Manufacturing, Nanotechnology, Product Management, and Quality Assurance. Since its inception in 2009, the organization has been developing, manufacturing, and supplying nano coating technologies to customers worldwide. Notably, in 2015, Naco Technologies was acquired by the Germany-based Schaeffler Group. Follow their updates on Twitter.


NanoOptoMetrics operates in the Advanced Materials, Hardware, and Nanotechnology sectors. Their key offering is ultra-high-performance metrology instruments, a next-generation technology promising high precision in surface measurement.


Specializing in Hardware and Nanotechnology, evOLED is striving to advance the development of Organic Light-Emitting Diodes(OLEDs), signifying their innovation in light-emitting technology. Stay connected with them through LinkedIn.


Since its establishment in 2018, Adianano has been focusing on the manufacture of nanomaterials by employing the microwave synthesis technique. This innovation has significant implications in boosting the energy density of Li-ion batteries. For more about them, explore their LinkedIn profile.


Slicker is known for their High-Tech 3D super-multiview technology, which is based on cost-optimized micro/nanostructured optical films. This technology creates a new-age 3D display without the need for glasses. For more information, check out their LinkedIn page.

Nano 55

Nano 55 presents a one-step technique for producing cost-effective and efficient carboxylic metallokarbonovyh nanocomposites and microspheres. This technique forecasts significant improvements in the quality of the final product in various industries.

These companies represent the groundbreaking work ongoing in Riga’s Nanotechnology sector. Undoubtedly, the advancements made by these firms are inching us closer to a more sustainable future. The growing presence of nanotech firms in Riga suggests an exciting future for Latvia in this space.

Written by Mark Smith

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