Exploring Seoul’s Innovators Shaping the Future of Smart Home Technology

The Smart Home industry is evolving at an unprecedented pace as technological advancements and innovative startups redefine the way we relate to our domestic environments. Increasingly, South Korea is emerging as a key player in this field with Seoul, its capital city, hosting a growing cluster of visionary companies focused on Smart Home solutions. In this article, we take a closer look at some of these groundbreaking South Korean companies located in Seoul.

Industry diversity among these companies is broad, sweeping through areas such as building maintenance, home services, artificial intelligence, machine learning, information technology, security, IoT, energy management, hardware, software, residential planning, and smart cities. Their ambitious quests are unified, however, by a common mission – to redefine the home space through the integration of smart technologies.

As demand for intelligent, connected, and livable spaces grows worldwide, these companies are well-poised to lead the charge. Here’s a snapshot of some of these pioneering organizations:


Located in the heart of Seoul, OSHAREHOUSE is a leading player in the Smart Home industry. Specializing in building maintenance and home services, OSHAREHOUSE leverages smart technologies to deliver state-of-the-art home solutions tailored to the needs of modern-day homeowners.


Smartcoop is a cutting-edge company located in Seoul, South Korea that specializes in blending artificial intelligence and machine learning with smart home technologies. Their innovative offerings are changing the landscape of comfortable and convenient home living.


EveryXcam, another Seoul-based company, fuses information technology with security in the Smart Home domain. Their advanced solutions help ensure the safety and peace of mind of residents as smart home technology continues to evolve.


Necon, headquartered in Seoul, is a leading name in the IoT, security, and Smart Home industry. According to Necon, their primary aim is to develop a variety of solutions using Internet of Things (IoT) technology in smart homes and security areas, thereby helping their customers enjoy comfortable and safe lives in their homes and workplaces.


Selectively founded in 2007, Frostdale’s objective lies in manufacturing home automation and energy management solutions for residential and light commercial settings. Frostdale’s product offerings include controls, wall switches, dimmers, security sensors, and fire and gas detectors under their brand nanogridâ„¢. The Seoul-based private company has earned a reputation for creating durable home networks for lighting control, security, and energy management.


The Seoul-based Linkhouse is a leading company in the Smart Home industry that uses mobile technology to develop business. Linkhouse believes in connecting neighbours and communities in a more sophisticated way. They have been known for their agreements with various town development support centers and their participation in national conventions. This is to understand their customers better and solve their problems effectively, improving them through the right ICT technology.

Written by Mark Smith

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