Hyderabad’s Pioneering Enterprises Revolutionizing India’s Smart Home Industry

As part of our ongoing series on industry disruptors, we continue our deep dive into fully integrated smart home solution providers. This segment uncovers some of Hyderabad’s smart home industry’s brightest stars. These pioneering enterprises are harnessing the power of technology to improve home security, energy efficiency, and overall quality of life with intelligent automation. From curtain control to climate control to media control, these Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh-based companies are transforming how we live our lives at home.

The following firms are not only making it easier to control household appliances, but are also offering advanced solutions for lighting, heating, and security systems that integrate seamlessly with our smartphones and voice commands. Their innovative products are a testament to the city’s transformative technological prowess aimed at enabling smarter, better, and more connected living.

Let us introduce you to the pioneering Hyderabad-based companies forging the path in smart home automation solutions, remodelling the way we interact with our living spaces, and shifting our approach towards home management.


Founded by a team of passionate innovators, Keus stands at the intersection of design, technology, and luxury living. This smart home solution provider offers cutting-edge services like curtain control, lighting control, climate control, and media control solutions. Following the modern design ideals coupled with the latest technology trends, Keus guarantees to make your living spaces smarter, safer and convenient.

Twitter: @keussmarthome

TronX Things

Co-founded by Santosh Kumar Patil, TronX Things makes superior home automation solutions accessible to Indian homeowners. The company was initially known as ‘miqasa’ when it started in 2015. It was invested in and rebranded as ‘tronX things’ by Smartron, and since then, the company has grown to serve over 2600+ happy clients across India. The company blends artificial intelligence with IoT, offering convenience, security, energy-saving, and stress-free home solutions.



With a keen focus on Internet of Things integration, ANTAR IoT is a heavy hitter in the smart home industry. The Hyderabad-based company offers professional services, software solutions, and a premier range of smart home systems to offer a truly integrated intelligent home experience.



Co-founded by Arun Cheela and Ashith Ragi, Pert is a leading name in the smart home industry. Offering integrated solutions to make your home smarter, Pert constitutes a pivotal part of Hyderabad’s burgeoning smart home industry.


Miantic Av distribution

A major player in Audio, Residential, Smart Home, and Wholesale industries, Miantic Av distribution is a noteworthy contender among Hyderabad’s smart home innovators. Offering a blend of smart features for and beyond the home, Miantic is redefining the conventional norms of home automation.


Lamveenn – Interior Design Studio Hyderabad

Lamveenn is India’s largest interior design studio, which provides the most comprehensive collections of plywood designs, doors, veneers, kitchen hardware, and more at wholesale prices. By extensively understanding their client’s needs, Lamveenn offers products befitting their client’s taste and design sensibilities. Founded in 2014, the company has quickly climbed up the ladder as a top choice for architects, builders, and designers across the country.


The above pioneering companies mark the beginning of the Smart Home revolution in Hyderabad. With an emphasis on creating high-tech, user-friendly products, they are riding the wave of technological innovation. Look out for more fascinating companies in our next installment, spotlighting the movers and shakers in the smart home industry.

Written by Mark Smith

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