Golden Colorado’s Impactful Innovators in Environmental Consulting Technology


The environmental industry is booming in Golden, Colorado. Nestled in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains, this charming city is home to a variety of environmental consulting firms, each with their own unique contributions to the field. This article highlights a few of these innovative companies, providing insight into their operations and the solutions they offer for various environmental challenges.

Golden is not just a hub for sustainable technologies; the city’s passion for innovation extends into environmental education and non-profit work. Several organizations headquartered here are dedicated to environmental outreach and stewardship, demonstrating a commitment to not just developing solutions, but also educating the public about their importance. Let’s dive in and explore what these companies and organizations are all about!

Be it clean technology, pollution control, renewable energy, environmental engineering, or even geological and hydrological modeling, these companies have something unique to offer. Their dedicated specialists, scientists, and consultants are utilizing cutting-edge technology to make positive environmental impact closer to reality.

IX Power Clean Water

Founded by John R. Grizz Deal and Randy Wilson, IX Power, is a product development firm with a focus on clean water technologies. Spun out from Los Alamos National Laboratory, the company innovates water-related products and provides business arrangements with other organizations and companies.

Air Sciences

Air Sciences, another rising star in Golden, specializes in environmental consulting, pollution control, and renewable energy solutions. With a mission to reduce pollution and promote cleaner air, Air Sciences is doing important work in a vital sector for our planet’s future—an ethos beautifully symbolized by Golden’s clear mountain air.

Colorado Mountain Club

The Colorado Mountain Club blurs the line between environmental consulting and public education. This non-profit organization emphasizes the importance of both in its work, with a mission to inspire responsible outdoor recreation, stewardship, and a love for Colorado’s awe-inspiring wild places. They promote sustainable practices through their various programs and initiatives.

Remediation Products

As the name suggests, Remediation Products is deeply involved in environmental cleanup and remediation projects. Operating at the intersection of chemical engineering and environmental consulting, the company provides solutions for not just treating, but also trapping various pollutants.

TLI Solutions

TLI Solutions based in Golden, offers specialized environmental consulting services. With a team of experienced professionals, they provide leading-edge strategies and technology to address various environmental challenges.


Providing environmental consulting and project management services, HirschGibney has established a strong reputation for its reliable and comprehensive solutions.

Leppert Associates

Another leading name in the sector is Leppert Associates, offering geological, hydrological, and environmental counseling, as well as physical science solutions. Their expertise extends to regulatory compliance, enabling them to provide a full suite of environmental consulting services.

Eagle Synergistic Optimizing Technologies

Eagle Synergistic Optimizing Technologies seamlessly merges 3D technology with environmental consulting. By harnessing the power of tech, this firm provides cutting edge solutions to environmental testing and measurement matters.

EMSI – Engineering Management Support

The team behind EMSI – Engineering Management Support has an unwavering commitment to environmental stewardship. They provide top-tier environmental consulting services, supporting projects that preserve our natural world for future generations.

Continental Divide Trail Coalition

Closing out our list, Golden is home to the Continental Divide Trail Coalition, a passionate community of voluteers, enthusiasts, and supporters dedicated to the maintenance and promotion of the Continental Divide Trail.

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Written by Mark Smith

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