Revolutionizing Environmental Consulting: Spotlight on Hangzhou’s Green Tech Pioneers

Green thinking is not just a trend, but rather a necessity for preserving our planet for future generations. The movement is gaining traction on a global scale, and China is playing a significant role in the drive towards sustainability, with Hangzhou, Zhejiang, leading the way. This coastal metropolis hosts a number of cutting-edge companies in the Environmental Consulting industry, leveraging innovative technologies and sustainable practices to create a greener future. Here, we present a selection of companies staking out a claim in this green revolution.

We delve into diverse companies from the fields of Renewable Energy, Product Design, Information Technology and Software, Building Material, Manufacturing, Environmental Engineering, and even Health Diagnostics. They combine innovative products and excellent services to offer meaningful contributions to environmental conservation. Due to their complicated fields of action, simplified explanations may not always do them justice, but our aim is to give our readers a first look into these important players.

This article aims to familiarize readers with the pioneering companies that call Hangzhou home, shedding light on their bios, operations, and contributions to Environmental Consulting. Each company’s name will link to their official website, and we encourage readers to follow these links to learn more about their work.

Royal Tech CSP

Royal Tech CSP Limited specializes in the R&D of solar thermal technologies as well as promoting solar thermal applications as clean solutions for electricity, process heat, and cooling. Through partnerships with reputable solar thermal research institutes, they’ve established a robust system for R&D, production, and testing, securing numerous patents and gaining extensive experience. Their innovative technology certainly puts them at the forefront of solar energy developers.


Linkwell is a versatile player in the realm of Environmental Consulting, offering product design solutions and sales services. Their product design initiatives establish Linkwell as a successful provider in the environmental consulting industry. Check them out on LinkedIn for more information.


Grean Technology, founded by Shao Jianxiong, bridges the gap between environmental consulting and information technology. For more information about this innovative company, here is their LinkedIn profile.

Jinyuan EP Co,ltd.

Jinyuan Environmental Protection is a unique entity that focuses on extracting lithium resources, recovering rare and precious metals, and managing industrial solid and hazardous waste. They are concentrating their efforts on the development of new energy materials alongside working towards the sustainability of low carbon environmental protection industries.

Xingyuan Environment Technology

Xingyuan Environment Technology stands out by creating technologies and manufacturing filter presses, plates, and automatic filter presses. Their comprehensive solutions range from industrial parks to ecological commercial areas and even mining landscapes.

Tailai Environmental Protection

As a comprehensive environmental protection company, Tailai Environmental Protection focuses on engineering general contracting, operation management, core equipment development and manufacturing, and core process research and design.


JoyingBio exemplifies diversifying, working in medical diagnosis, environmental monitoring, life science research, and even food safety testing. The company offers a package deal vacation projects, and other projects.

Hangzhou Southwest Testing Technology

Hangzhou Southwest Testing Technology is a company that values practical utility, offering services in Environmental Consulting and Usability Testing to ensure a better and more sustainable usage of resources.

Chengbang Design Group

Chengbang Design Group is a company in the Environmental Consulting and Environmental Engineering sector contributing to a greener future with its innovative approaches and designs.

Zhejiang Yuancheng Garden

Zhejiang Yuancheng Garden is a company that combines ecological landscape, green environmental protection, and leisure tourism, guided by planning and design, and underpinned by industrial investment. Follow them on LinkedIn for more details.


Zhenglan is an energy-efficient company focusing on energy and environmental consulting.

These companies continue to innovate in their respective domains, leveraging their expertise in Environmental Consulting as they strive for a sustainable future.

Written by Mark Smith

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