Highlighting Marseille’s Pioneering Renewable Energy Firms in Provence-Alpes-Cote d’Azur

Renewable energy, a sector with massive growth potential, is seeing a rising number of innovative and dedicated startups. The southern French city of Marseille, known for its Mediterranean climate and vibrant port, is quietly becoming a hub for renewable energy companies in the Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur region. This article will spotlight several companies based in Marseille that are making strides in the renewable energy industry.

The companies we’re highlighting span different sectors within the renewable energy industry, each bringing their unique approach in propelling the transition to a greener future. The companies range from those focusing on solar power to companies making advancements in the fields of heat-to-power conversion systems and wind power.

Marseille could be on its way to becoming a significant player in the global renewable energy scene, with these local companies leading the charge. Let’s get to know them better:


CVE is a renewable energy company focusing on the solar, biogas, and hydropower sectors, developing competitive renewable energy for industrialists, farmers, businesses, private owners, and communities. They argue that renewable energy must be developed collaboratively to save the planet. Check out their Linkedin page to learn more about CVE’s contribution to a greener future.


Founded by Jérôme Mouterde and Laetitia Brottier, DualSun facilitates access to the BEPOS (positive energy building). They have developed an innovative solar panel that produces electricity and hot water, making good use of the full energy captured by their solar panels. This makes DualSun an essential player in the space of renewable energy. See their Linkedin page for more details on their unique technology.

CD Sud

Based out of Marseille, CD Sud operates in the electronic, renewable energy, and retail sectors. CD Sud’s Facebook page provides more details about the company.


Started by Antonin Pauchet, Arthur Leroux, and Nicolas Goubet, ENOGIA designs heat to power conversion systems using the Organic Rankine Cycle combined with an exclusive and patented micro-turbine technology. Not stopping at just producing for big energy producers, ENOGIA’s ORC modules are compact and can be used almost everywhere, proclaiming the vision of bringing this technology into everyone’s life. Check out their Linkedin page for more about ENOGIA’s work.

Cap Vert Energie SAS

This renewable energy company is another important player in the Marseille renewable energy scene. Cap Vert Energie SAS focuses on renewable energy development.

Aalto Power

Aalto Power is a French wind power generation investment platform, further broadening the range of renewable energy sources that Marseille is tapping into.

IDUD Energies

IDUD Energies is a renewable energy company developing photovoltaics. They offer residential and industrial photovoltaics solutions in the ground, existing, and future infrastructure. IDUD Energies crafts customized projects according to different needs and constraints. Their Linkedin and Facebook pages provide further details about their services.

Media Systeme

Taking renewable energy a step further, Media Systeme focuses not only on energy but also on water purification. This cross-vertical approach highlights the intersections between renewable energy and vital resources, like clean water.

Written by Mark Smith

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