Sustainable Energy Innovators: Spotlight on Ljubljana’s Renewable Power Leaders

In Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia, tucked within the vibrant urban commune, we find an exciting collection of culturally diverse companies enthusiastically tackling the challenges and opportunities in the Renewable Energy industry. Why Slovenia and why Ljubljana? Slovenia is one of the first European countries addressing its energy demands with green, renewable resources. Ljubljana, the capital city, sets the gold standard in this transformation. It obtained the title of the European Green Capital of 2016 by the European Commission. In line with this vision, several inventive companies sprouted in this city, each championing a unique approach to renewable energy.

With its roots steeped in automotive, electronics, industrial manufacturing, and mechanical engineering, Ljubljana offers a fertile ground for innovations in renewables. Each company highlighted in this series articulates an original viewpoint on renewable energy, from harnessing the power of electric vehicles, implementing energy efficiency projects, designing eco-friendly turbines, to creating energy-trading platforms using blockchain technology.

Let’s delve into a few of these inspiring companies operating in the renewable energy sector, each contributing to bringing us one step closer to a more sustainable future.

Elaphe Propulsion Technologies

Founded by Gorazd Lampic, Elaphe stands at the forefront of renewable energy in the automotive industry. They are dedicated to pioneering in-wheel motor technology for electric vehicles (EVs) and have developed several prototypes currently under testing. Their technology promises significant benefits, including saving raw materials, energy resources, and reducing CO2 emissions. Besides, Elaphe, through its expertise in various renewable energy fields, assists in strategic research for government and international projects.

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Under the leadership of Luka Komazec, Resalta is driving energy efficiency in Slovenia. They offer services to manage energy consumption better and reduce environmental footprint. With their innovative and reliable solutions in energy services, they assist their clients in improving business competitiveness, energy efficiency.
Moreover, Resalta designs energy efficiency projects based on in-depth analyses of the consumption and needs and focuses on expanding the use of renewable energy in every county they operate in.

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Despite fringing on the tech industry, Upress offers managed WordPress hosting, enabling uninterrupted, glitch-free service provision. They offer a direct, hands-on customer service approach via mail, phone, and physical address—committing to renewable energy practices through the efficient use of server resources.

Primum D.o.o.

Primum D.o.o. fuels the niche of Agriculture and AgTech in renewable energy. They lead the Eco-turbine Project, coming up with solutions to counter conventional wind turbines’ threats to birds, animals, and humans.


SunContract was founded by a team led by Gregor Novak and Mojca Bajec. They have developed a unique energy-trading platform that capitalizes on blockchain technology. Through this, they hope to optimize current, costly, and inefficient grid operations and create an innovative business model for buying and selling electricity.
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MEBIUS, a biotechnology company, is focused on the research and development, marketing, and production of components for high and low-temperature PEM fuel cells. They aim at improving gas diffusion electrodes, proton exchange membranes, and membrane-electrode assemblies.

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Charg3 promotes sustainable energy efficiency with its unique provision of EV charging anywhere. It feeds into the broader sustainability agenda by promoting the use of electric vehicles which in turn reduces the carbon footprint.

E-upravnik d.o.o

Finally, we have E-upravnik d.o.o, a cloud-based service for building management and energy accounting. They augment the energy and software industry with their innovative solutions.

These Ljubljana-based companies are key players in Slovenia’s sustainability journey. Ljubljana continues to pave the way for the rest of the country, and potentially the global community, by encouraging renewable energy innovations.

Written by Mark Smith

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