Irish Environmental Engineering Innovations: Spotlight on Dublin-Based Companies

This article is part of a series bringing to light some of the trailblazing companies operating within the environmental engineering industry. With headquarters centrally located in Dublin, Ireland, these corporations are shaping our future by relentlessly innovating and embracing bleeding-edge technology. They’re defining a new modus operandi for doing business – one that takes into account the health of our environment.

From tackling water wastage using digital solutions to creating a sustainable future with green hydrogen solutions, these companies are contributing to an environmentally conscious world while promoting green technology. This article spotlights their work, providing an insight into their operations and highlighting the role each company plays within its unique industry sector.

Each dedicated section presents a concise bio of each company, offering an outline of what they do, who they are, and their mission, as well as a handy link to their websites. This will enable readers to delve deeper into the work of any that catch their interest.

Fusion Fuel

Fusion Fuel, a brainchild of Joao Wahnon and Pedro Cunha, is an environmental engineering firm advancing the world of green hydrogen solutions. With their expertise in chemical engineering and green technology, Fusion Fuel strives to harness sustainable and affordable clean energy, accelerating the transition to environment-friendly energy sources.


Started by Thomas Sonneville, Robeau is paving the way in environmental engineering with its cutting-edge smart water solution. Through connected flowmeters and a novel platform, Robeau makes water management efficient by providing real-time data on consumption and detecting leaks. Join their mission to conserve water and manage water effectively.

Trinity Green Energies Ltd

Trinity Green Energies (TGE) is a deep-rooted research and development environmental engineering company. Associated with Trinity College Dublin, TGE pioneers energy-based solutions. Their innovative approach, backed by international patents, revolves around the development of energy-related technologies. Delve more into their journey here.

Shannon Energy

Shannon Energy, centered on promoting renewable energy alternatives, focuses its operations on environmental engineering and solar solutions. This company is steadfastly aiding in the transition towards cleaner energy sources. Connect with them on LinkedIn or visit their website for more information.

Nicholas O’Dwyer

Nicholas O’Dwyer Ltd, Consulting Engineers, offer a comprehensive range of environmental engineering services. Ranging from water engineering to civil and structural engineering services, they cater to both public and private sector clients. Find out more about their approach on their LinkedIn.

VivaGreen Group

Driven by their founders’ engineering prowess, VivaGreen Group is committed to fostering sustainable solutions. They are leading the manufacturing of biodegradable and plastic-free materials and products. Their commitment to quality and sustainability is tangible at Facebook or their website.

Met Eireann

Met Eireann, a governmental organization, combines environmental engineering and meteorology to provide reliable weather forecasting and tracking services. With a significant online presence on Facebook and LinkedIn, they keep the Irish public informed about local weather patterns.

JB Barry and Partners

JB Barry and Partners stand out in the industry through their focus on civil, industrial and environmental engineering. By blending these facets of engineering, they offer comprehensive consulting services. Engage with them on LinkedIn or visit their website.

Biome Ireland

Biome Ireland devotes itself to providing environmental engineers and scientists with the best available tools to move sustainability to the heart of businesses. To explore more about their mission and product offerings, visit their LinkedIn.

Irish Landscape Institute

The Irish Landscape Institute, founded by Barry Murphy, is an architecture association with a focus on environmental engineering. The institute fosters a vibrant online community on Facebook and provides industry updates on their website.


SparroWatch’s innovative, battery-powered camera system caters to remote and distributed monitoring. By exploiting image analysis and sensors, they facilitate on-the-spot deployment. Interact with them on Facebook or LinkedIn.

Written by Mark Smith

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