Plymouth-Based Environmental Consulting Innovators Shaping the Futuristic Green Industry


In an age where environmental concerns are at the forefront of public awareness and discussion, many companies have risen to the challenge to create solutions for these pressing issues. Plymouth, Minnesota is the headquarters of a hub of such innovative enterprises, each taking on a unique approach to dealing with environmental challenges. This article will shine a light on the work being done by these companies and provide an overview of their operations.

Like-minded entrepreneurs, environmental experts, consultants and technologists within these companies show how it’s possible to merge business and environmental conservatism. The services these eco-conscious enterprises offer range from water treatment and waste management to environmental compliance and restoration, proving that technology has a key role in a sustainable future.

All of the following companies play a significant role in the Environmental Consulting industry. Here they are, the trailblazers that are situated right within Plymouth, Minnesota:


Established in 2008, GarbageMan started as a humble operation with just one small truck in Maple Grove, Minnesota. Today, GarbageMan is a nationally recognized franchise that offers affordable, environmentally-friendly trash services, solidifying its position as a leader in the Environmental Consulting Industry. GarbageMan continues to innovate, using advanced technology to refine its operations, all while keeping a keen focus on customer satisfaction and the protection of the environment.

Tonka Water

Tonka Water is a pioneer in the water treatment industry with a whopping 57 years of experience. Specializing in the design and manufacture of customized water treatment systems, the company caters to a broad range of markets, providing innovative solutions for municipal and industrial water systems. With over 2200 groundwater, surface water, wastewater and industrial process systems installed across North America and beyond, Tonka Water continues to stay at the forefront of water treatment technology.

Advanced Environmental Management Group

Advanced Environmental Management Group excels in providing comprehensive environmental consulting and management services, including environmental site assessment, natural resources and restoration projects, remediation and mitigation. Demonstrating its expertise and commitment to the environment, this organization is working towards making a significant impact in the Environmental Consulting industry.


Manomet is a non-profit organization focused on sustainability in education and environmental consulting. Offering a diverse range of scientific research, advisory services and community engagement initiatives, Manomet plays a significant role in promoting environmental health and awareness in the Plymouth community and beyond.

Elemental Air

Providing innovative solutions for air emission issues, Elemental Air offers an array of services including air emission source testing, environmental consulting, as well as the sale of emission testing equipment. Additionally, they provide environmental collaboration management software and continuous emission monitors, demonstrating their commitment to advancing technology within the industry.

Environmental Consulting & Restoration

A glowing testament to Plymouth’s thriving environmental consulting industry, Environmental Consulting & Restoration provides expert services in its field. Specializing in project management and sustainability, this organization’s practical solutions aid in addressing environmental issues on a local and global scale.


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Written by Mark Smith

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