Lehi, Utah: A Modern Epicenter for Innovative Energy Industry Giants

Located in the heart of breathtaking Lehi, Utah, there is a thriving hub of companies committed to propelling the Energy industry forward through innovative and disruptive technologies. These establishments range from fully-fledged solar solution providers to energy management firms and bio-tech entrepreneurs. This piece will take a close look at some of these companies who are not only transforming the industry itself but also making a significant contribution to Lehi’s economy.

Energy is not just about the here and now, but also about the future – a future that needs to be sustainable and environmentally friendly. These companies are at the forefront of reshaping our perspective on energy consumption and exploration. By harnessing renewable energy sources and developing breakthrough technologies, they are leading the way towards a more sustainable future.

Let’s take a look at 12 of these groundbreaking companies, all of which bring something unique to the Energy industry and have, through their endeavors, made their mark in Lehi, Utah.

Vivint Solar

Vivint Solar, founded by Todd Pedersen, is a leading residential solar provider in the United States. As pioneers in the Clean Energy and Solar Industry, this company designs, installs, and monitors solar energy systems. Homeowners can easily harness renewable energy for their homes, reap significant financial savings, and contribute to environmental sustainability through Vivint Solar’s offerings. Follow them on @VivintSolar and their LinkedIn page.

Project Solar

Project Solar delivers solar products and services, marrying aesthetics with performance through the use of all-black panels coupled with Enphase micro inverters. Founded in 2016, this company has quickly become a significant source of Energy in the Lehi landscape. They can also be found on Facebook.


DeepPower is taking the Clean Energy field by storm with its groundbreaking geothermal drilling technology. Safe, clean energy from the Earth herself is no longer a mere pipe dream, thanks to DeepPower’s revolutionary endeavours. Stay updated with them on their LinkedIn page.


Energi Solutions, founded by Jeff Chavez and Russ Johnson, is an Energy Management firm that delivers Energy as a Service to commercial and residential properties worldwide. Their LinkedIn page is a great place to keep up to date with their developments.

Evelar Solar

Focusing on energy, renewable energy, and solar, Evelar Solar, founded by Spencer Angerbauer, offers solar energy and savings solutions to the market. You can follow their work and updates on @evelarsolar, Facebook, and their LinkedIn page.

LGCY Power

LGCY Power, helmed by Doug Robinson and Luke Toone, is a well-known name in the Energy, Renewable Energy and Solar industries.

Q Life Sciences

All things Biotechnology, Energy, Health Care, and Renewable Energy fall under the broad range of Q Life Sciences, founded by Marc Wilson. Follow them at @qsciences and on Facebook.


An outsource company operating in various sectors, including Clean Energy, Boomsourcing by Gregory Doermann and Jacob Munns, offers a wide array of services, such as customer acquisition, customer care, accounting support, and more. Stay updated with them on @boomsourcing, Facebook, and their LinkedIn page.

Encōr Solar

As a full-service solar provider, Encōr Solar offers the best customer experience and excellent value. For more information, visit their Facebook and LinkedIn page.

Lift Energy

Lift Energy, founded by Jacob Hill, focuses on renewable energy, solar, and environmental consulting. Keep up with them on their LinkedIn page.

Storz Power

Operating in the Energy, Energy Management, and Solar sectors, Storz Power offers innovative solutions. You can follow them on @storzpower, Facebook, and their LinkedIn page.

As we’ve seen, these energy companies based in Lehi, Utah, are making great strides in the industry and contributing significantly to the global conversation on sustainable and renewable energy sources. Their innovative strategies, pioneering technologies, and forward-thinking perspectives make them exciting ones to watch. If these companies are any indication of the future, the world of energy is heading in a remarkable direction.

Written by Mark Smith

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