Revolutionizing Energy Industry: Pioneering Power Firms in Medellín, Antioquia, Colombia

For the energy enthusiasts who look up to the promising future for alternative energy sources, we turn our focus sight towards Colombia. This South American country, especially the city of Medellin, in Antioquia, hosts an array of companies that are pioneering innovative solutions in the energy sector. The city’s bustling pulse of innovation and technological evolution is turning it into a hub of energy technology advancements. It’s also the headquarters to many companies thriving in this industry. The article provides a premier focus on these companies.

Medellin’s strategic geopolitical position gives it a unique advantage, being close to both the Pacific and Atlantic coasts, not to mention its significant natural energy resources like solar and biofuel potentials. In addition, it’s government’s supportive stance towards innovation and technological advancement makes room for companies to explore, invent, and expand their capabilities. Our highlight for today is the set of noteworthy energy companies operating in Medellin.

As part of our series on energy companies, we discuss a variety of energy firms specializing in different areas, from renewable energy to artificial intelligence and SaaS integration in energy production. So buckle up and join us as we journey into the vibrant world of Medellin’s energy industry.


Founded by Juan Camilo López and Juan Esteban Hincapié Rivera, ERCO is operating in the electric vehicle, energy, energy storage, renewable energy, and solar industry. The company’s mission is to create proficient solar photovoltaic installations, electric vehicle infrastructure, and electric energy storage systems. Established in 2012 and headquartered in Medellín, this energy pioneer has branched offices in Cali and Bogotá.

NEU Energy

With its advanced application of artificial intelligence in energy production and consumption, NEU Energy is magnifying the traditional processes of energy management. The founders, Juan Camilo López, and Juan Esteban Hincapié Rivera, have moved with a bold vision of revolutionizing clean energy consumption and digitalizing these processes. Thus, helping customers optimize and possibly decrease their energy bills.


Unergy is a marketplace that caters to a two-tier audience – Companies in need of funding for solar installations and retail investors aiming for double-digit yearly returns. Unergy is an apt solution for businesses seeking solar installations as a way to save substantially on their utility bills, but lack the needed funding for this transition.


As the electricity wing of Grupo Argos, Celsia offers a diversified energy portfolio to its customers spanning over homes to businesses. The company’s reach extends to quite a few countries – Colombia, Panama, and Costa Rica, operating through multiple power plants.


ISAGEN is a Colombian energy firm providing innovative energy solutions, project construction, and operates a portfolio of power plants. The company boasts strong corporate responsibility practices and a proven track record of sustained growth.


Postobon is a well-known name in the Food and Beverage and Energy industries. Started by Valerio Tobón, Postobon has expanded its influence in various facets of the Colombian economy.

FCP Emprendimiento e Innovación SP

FCP Emprendimiento e Innovación SP is an investment-driven venture with a strong focus on innovative technologies for public services. The venture’s invested fields include energytech, watertech, information & communication technologies, and wastetech.


Invesa operates in a diversified range of fields including Agriculture, Chemical, Construction, Energy, Industrial, Logistics, Telecommunications industries. The company’s diversified nature points towards its expertise in various disciplines.


Helo is a champion in the energy, environmental engineering, and renewable energy sectors of the Colombian energy industry.

ISA Intercolombia

ISA Intercolombia is a well-established player in the Energy and Transportation sectors in Medellín, Antioquia, Colombia.

The companies highlighted here are just a fraction of the larger ensemble of energy firms operating out of Medellín, Antioquia, Colombia. The vibrant city is becoming a hub for technological advancements and innovative solutions, especially in the energy industry – A true testament to the city’s and the country’s progress in the 21st century.

Written by Mark Smith

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