Limassol-Based Firms Transforming Augmented Reality Industry: A Futurology Spotlight

Limassol, Cyprus is becoming a burgeoning hot-spot for Augmented Reality (AR) start-ups, with the island’s technology industry steadily growing. The location has a prevalent culture of innovation, attracting plenty of technological pioneers and a variety of companies in different sectors. This article will shed light on several AR businesses that have flourished within Limassol. Read on to learn more regarding these companies, from their modus operandi to their founders and their role in shaping the future of AR technology.

The common thread within these diverse firms lies in the application of AR technology, which is quickly revolutionizing numerous industries, from artificial intelligence to digital entertainment and fashion. Through their innovative products and services, these companies are amplifying the use of AR in a variety of contexts, for a wide audience.

It’s worth bearing in mind that while AR technology may seem like a relatively new innovation, its origins can be traced back several decades. However, it’s only recently that advances in hardware and software technologies have allowed the development full potential of AR.


Banuba operates in the intersection of Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality, Information Technology and Machine Learning. The company was founded by Viktor Prokopenya and has achieved substantial business growth, with their valuation reaching an impressive $100 million following the second round of funding. Banuba creates camera-based technologies, which it manifests into an effective AR platform for developers, brands and end-users.


Foraying into the overlapping sectors of Augmented Reality, Computer Vision, Fashion, and Retail, ZERO10 provides innovative tech solutions for brands aspiring to venture into the digital domain. Founded by Anton Timashev and George Yashin in 2021, the company uses patented technology that lets fashion brands extend their customers’ journey and enhance engagement. initially started as an R&D unit at fan-favourite game developers Nival, creators of ‘Heroes of Might and Magic V’. The company operates across multiple sectors including Augmented Reality, EdTech, Education, Machine Learning, Video Games, and Virtual Reality., under the guidance of its founders Oleg Chumakov and Sergey Orlovskiy, has released numerous award-winning titles and continues to develop innovative gaming experiences.


FunCubator dives into a wide array of sectors – Audio, Augmented Reality, Digital Entertainment, Digital Media, eSports, Music, Social Networking, Video, and Virtual Reality. Established by Victor Zakharchenko, the company champions creativity and aims to change the entertainment landscape through its captivating offerings.


Super1 was founded by Stepan Burlakov, and operates within a plethora of industries like Advertising, Art, Augmented Reality, Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, Fashion and Film. Though relatively thin on details, we know that the company is innovative and looks forward to seeing the direction it takes in the future.


DataSakura started in 2018 by Andrew Vengerskii and now stands as one of the strongest software development agencies. The company operates in the Apps, Augmented Reality, Casual Games, Gamification, Gaming, PC Games, Serious Games, Software, Video Games, Virtual Reality industries. Holding a portfolio of notable game and software projects, DataSakura is a testament to the success that can be achieved through dedication, hard work, and constant improvement.

In conclusion, Limassol, Cyprus is certainly not lacking in companies that are driving the Augmented Reality industry forward. The aforementioned companies are leveraging AR in incredibly creative ways and are a testament to the vibrant technological ecosystem of Limassol. They not only contribute to the local economy, but also take a substantial part in shaping the future of technology globally.

Written by Mark Smith

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