Oak Brook: Illinois’ Epicenter for Innovative Energy Technology Enterprises

Energy is the backbone of any thriving economy and the companies in the energy industry play a pivotal role in addressing environmental concerns. This series of articles is dedicated to shining a light on energy industry companies headquartered in Oak Brook, Illinois in the United States. These companies specialize in clean energy, consulting, software, oil and gas, and more. Read on to learn more about these inspiring companies leading the way in sustainable energy solutions:

Great Lakes Dredge & Dock Corporation

Co-founded by Fred C. Drews and William A Lydon, Great Lakes Dredge & Dock Corporation provides essential dredging services across the United States and worldwide. Split into two operations — dredging and demolition — the company has a focus on environmental solutions and services. Learn more here.

Nordic Energy Services LLC

Nordic Energy Services LLC operates in the realm of Electrical Distribution, Energy, Natural Resources, and Oil and Gas. Focusing on tailored energy solutions, Nordic excels in the optimization of energy use and cost. Find out more here.


ADICA is a consulting company catering to the energy sector. Offering software and training solutions, the goal of the company is to improve energy use and efficiency, ultimately leading to lower costs and enhanced sustainability. More details are available on their website.

Primary Energy

Primary Energy Recycling creates clean efficient energy recycling projects that utilize waste energy to shield communities from volatile electricity prices. The initiative promotes a symbiotic relationship between economic growth and environmental conservation. For more information, click here.

Continental Energy Solutions

Specializing in renewable energy solutions, Continental Energy Solutions offers a range of solar structures for rooftop, ground mount, building integrated, and carport applications. The company also provides operations and maintenance services. Find out more here.

Sunset Solar

At the intersection of customer service, energy, and residential solar solutions, we find Sunset Solar. Dedicated to providing clean, renewable energy solutions to homes around Illinois and beyond, the company is transforming the residential energy landscape. More details can be found on their site.

Op2mize Energy

Op2mize Energy focuses on energy management in the oil and gas industry. The company aims to provide innovative solutions to challenges industries face in their efforts to minimize environmental impacts while maintaining operational efficiency. Learn more here.

American Utility Management

American Utility Management Inc. provides energy and utility management services for residential properties. They offer a multifaceted approach to utility management, which includes rate analysis, energy procurement, strategic energy planning, as well as utility submetering systems. Visit their website for more information.


Founded by Satish Narayanan, Lumiga aims to lower energy bills using innovative technology and sustainability solutions. They are committed to helping businesses grow with energy-efficient solutions. You can find more about their energy-efficient solutions on their LinkedIn page.

Written by Mark Smith

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