Woking’s Pioneering Energy Companies Reshaping Future of UK Sustainable Technology

Woking is known for more than just being the hub for the McLaren Formula One team; it’s also home to some of the most innovative firms in the energy sector. From marine structural monitoring to offshore system engineering to subsea riser product manufacturing, these companies showcase the bright future of energy in this thriving Surrey city. Let’s explore some of these top-notch organizations based in Woking, Surrey, UK, and learn how they are revolutionizing the energy industry.

Few places in the world can claim such a diverse range of energy companies. Whether it’s pushing boundaries in energy efficiency, revolutionizing oil and gas strategies, or pioneering renewable energy technologies, companies in Woking are continuously making strides in the industry. The innovation and advancement stemming from this area is truly a testament to its growth and potential, making it a fascinating hub for energy innovation and development.

Pulse Structural Monitoring

Formed in 1998, Pulse Structural Monitoring, an Acteon company, has grown to become an international leader in marine structural monitoring. With continuous investments in equipment and personnel, they provide one of the world’s most innovative and comprehensive ranges of structural monitoring. Connect with them on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Valiant Petroleum

Formed in 2004 by Sandy Shaw, Valiant Petroleum is an independent oil & gas company dedicated to building a diverse portfolio of development, appraisal and exploration assets. Listed on the AIM market of the London Stock Exchange under the ticker symbol VPP, Valiant attributes its long-term success to the hard work, vision, experience, and dedication of its team. Follow them on LinkedIn.


Peritus specializes in providing high-end system engineering and services to the offshore oil and gas industry, focusing especially on challenging environments. Their business model operates on a network of regional engineering centers that enable the sharing of specialized skills, knowledge, and expertise across global operations. Follow them on LinkedIn.

Subsea Riser Products

Subsea Riser Products brings innovation to the energy sector in the arena of manufacturing and mechanical design. Find them on LinkedIn and Twitter at @srpsubsea.

SAV Systems

With a significant presence in the energy efficiency, industrial engineering, and mechanical engineering sectors, SAV Systems is making a strong impact in the industry. Connect with them on Facebook, Twitter at @savsystemsuk, and LinkedIn.

WSS Energy Consulting

In the consulting realm, WSS Energy Consulting offers industry-leading services across energy, management consulting, and renewable energy sectors. Connect with them on LinkedIn.


ThamesWey contributes to the energy sector in Woking with a unique blend of focus areas including energy, environmental consulting, and property development.

FracTech Laboratories

Involved in energy, oil and gas, and test and measurement sectors, FracTech Laboratories is another crucial player in Woking’s energy scene. Connect with them on LinkedIn.

In a world where energy innovation is key, these companies in Woking are making bold strides and introducing new possibilities. Covering a broad range of expertise and focus areas, they represent the advanced, diverse, and exciting future of the energy industry.

Written by Mark Smith

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