Parisian Clean Energy Pioneers Shaping France’s Sustainable Future

In the heart of Europe, Paris, Ile-de-France is not only known for its finest cuisine, art, fashion, and culture but also for being a hub of innovative clean energy companies. These companies have been greatly contributing to renewable energy production, enhancing energy efficiency, and actively participating in the fight against climate change. This article aims to highlight some of these renowned clean energy companies whose pioneering efforts are shaping the clean energy landscape not just in France, but globally.

These companies span a variety of industries – from aerospace, construction, interior design to e-commerce and information technology – yet they all share a common commitment to promoting clean energy and sustainable practices. The firms featured in this article are consistently trailblazing in their respective industries, setting new standards of innovation and making a substantial impact in their respective markets and professions. Furthermore, while they are all based in and around Paris, their influence extends well beyond the borders of France.

Without further ado, let’s take a closer look at these companies, their missions, operations, and the people that spearhead their inspirational efforts.


Founded by Stephan Savarese, TechnoCarbon is a France-based startup propelling a revolution in several industries, including aerospace, clean energy, construction, and manufacturing. They offer high-performance, low-carbon-footprint CarbonFibreStone™ (CFS™), a new composite material capable of replacing environment-damaging materials like steel, aluminum, and concrete. You can follow them on Linkedin and @technocarbon on Twitter.


Founded by Abderrahman Bennani and Antoine Roussel, TankYou is leading the front of energy delivery in Europe. It provides value through a fully digitalized customer journey, choosing the time & place for delivery, online payment, and easy order tracking. Founded in 2016, this Paris-based company is changing how individuals and businesses consume energy. Their Twitter handle is @tankyou_co.

SUEZ Environnement

As a utility company, SUEZ Environnement, lead by Bertrand Camus, offers industrial services. It helps its clients with waste recovery, urban development, and water management among other services. Established in 2008, it is constantly working to enhance environmental sustainability. Find them on Linkedin, on @suez on Twitter, and Facebook.

Électricité de France

Founded by Marcel Paul, EDF is an electric utility company providing a broad spectrum of energy solutions from photovoltaic, geothermal power to heat pumps. They develop, operate, maintain a variety of electricity networks and produce equipment fuel for nuclear reactors. You can find them on Linkedin, Facebook and @EDFofficiel on Twitter.


ChargeGuru, founded by Gilles Gomis and Nicolas Banchet, is making strides in electric mobility by providing efficient charging solutions for homes, workplaces and commercial sites. Their partnerships with charging station manufacturers and carmakers allow them to offer enhanced customer service. Follow them on Linkedin, @ChargeGuru on Twitter, and Facebook.


With Maelle Chassard and Sandra Rey at the helm, Glowee leverages the natural properties of bioluminescent marine organisms to develop biological light systems, which do not require electricity or infrastructure to operate. You can follow their journey on Linkedin, @weloveglowee on Twitter, and Facebook.

The International Energy Agency

Fatih Birol founded the International Energy Agency to ensure there’s an international response to global disruptions in oil supply. The organization assists members in coordinating collective responses to major oil disruptions. You can stay updated with their research, data, analyses, and policy recommendations on Linkedin, @iea on Twitter, and Facebook.


Propellane, founded by Christophe Poncelet, introduces innovative high-temperature heat pumps that produce and store heat and cooling energy for industrial processes. This breakthrough technology allows for a reduction of up to 80% in CO2 emissions and offers considerable operational advantages.

CAMEO Energy

Founded by Benoît Ferres, CAMEO Energy’s platform industrializes the optimization and financing of energy efficiency projects. Follow them on Linkedin and @CAMEOenergy on Twitter.

Clean Energy Ministerial

Clean Energy Ministerial is a global forum that aids the promotion of clean energy initiatives. Check out their latest updates on Linkedin and Twitter (@CEMSecretariat).

Altea Services

Altea Services is a firm focused on clean energy and environmental consulting, providing a valuable service in recycling. Stay updated with their activities on Linkedin.

Written by Mark Smith

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