Pioneering Nairobi-Based Firms Transforming the Clean Energy Landscape

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Nairobi, the capital of Kenya, is emerging as a pivotal hub in the clean energy sector, housing a plethora of companies that are pushing the boundaries in renewable energy technology and services. This article puts a spotlight on some of these groundbreaking firms whose work will not only revolutionize the energy landscape in Kenya, but the world at large.

Given the strategic location of Nairobi, its potential for clean energy development, particularly solar energy is significant. The companies we will be discussing are each contributing in their unique ways to providing cleaner, greener and more affordable energy solutions. They are not just making clean energy access widespread; they’re also innovating financial and distribution models to ensure that renewable energy is not just environment-friendly, but also economically viable and within the reach of all, including the remote and marginalized communities.

Sun King

Founded by Anish Thakkar, Mayank Sekhsaria, and T. Patrick Walsh, Sun King is revolutionizing how communities without reliable energy sources live. Known for their solar home systems, portable lanterns, and inverter systems, they’ve made clean energy affordable and accessible through their pay-as-you-go financing model. You can find more about Sun King on their Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn pages.


On a mission to make hygienic sanitation accessible in urban slums, Sanergy, led by founders Ani Vallabhaneni, David Auerbach, Lindsay Stradley, Nathan Cooke, is making remarkable strides. With the belief that sanitation is a fundamental human right, Sanergy is creating a sustainable sanitation cycle. Connect with Sanergy on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.


Written by Mark Smith

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