Phoenix Energy Management Innovators Shaping Future of Sustainable Technologies

Known for its magnificent desert sunsets, Phoenix, Arizona is also home to a significant cluster of energy management companies. Each entity is committed to developing and implementing technologies that cut costs, reduce waste, and promote sustainable practices. This article will spotlight seven Phoenix-based companies innovating the energy management sector. Their efforts towards energy efficiency and renewable energy are making industry operations more feasible and sustainable on a daily basis.

Targets of these companies range from intelligent lighting systems, to optimizing commercial building energy practises, to innovative renewable energy solutions. Phoenix indeed plays an integral part in the collective journey towards energy sustainability. As such, we delve into the inspiring work of these companies to capture the essence of their drive for progress in energy management.

Phoenix’s energy management sector has become a large employment provider and has a strong drive for enhancing its competition and sustainability features in a rapidly evolving and growing industry. Below, we discuss the distinguished companies and their numerous contributions to this field.


WattLogic operates in the fields of Electric Vehicle, Energy and Energy Efficiency, amongst others. The firm offers a suite of products and services aimed at improving energy efficiency, energy management, and promoting the use of renewable energy. Join the conversation with WattLogic on Twitter and Facebook, or seek professional information on their Linkedin page.


The next Phoenix-based company on this roundup is Climatec. Since 1975, Climatec demonstrates its commitment to making buildings safer, comfortable, and more importantly, energy efficient. The company provides a variety of services including lighting controls, utility monitoring, and internet enabled solutions amongst others. For more information, visit their official website.


Next up, AuroraTek is a company focusing on a stunning range of disciplines including Biotechnology, Electronics, Energy Management, and Telecommunications. Under the leadership of President and CEO William Alek, the company works on emerging technologies such as Magnetic Dampening Field (Torsion Field) technology, with potential game-changing impacts for energy management practices.

Liberty Petroleum

In the oil and gas industry, Liberty Petroleum holds a significant position in Phoenix. Their involvement in energy management demonstrates the company’s commitment to building a sustainable future, irrespective of the nature of their core business. Achievements and updates from the company can be found on Linkedin.

Universal Control Systems

Universal Control Systems is another Phoenix-based company offering innovative energy management solutions. The company specializes in commercial and industrial energy management systems and ABB VFD installations. Stay updated with the company’s recent activities, on their Linkedin page.

Red Mountain Lighting

Last but not least, Red Mountain Lighting provides commercial energy management solutions that allow for improved efficiency and sustainability. Their work in the lighting industry showcases their commitment towards reducing waste and improving energy utilization within the commercial sector. Connect with Red Mountain Lighting on Twitter and seek professional insights on theirLinkedin page.

In conclusion, these Phoenix-based companies are pushing boundaries, making significant strides towards a sustainable future through their innovative energy management solutions. Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to spotlight companies at the forefront of the energy management industry.

Written by Mark Smith

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