Glasgow’s Pioneering Companies Transforming the UK Energy Management Landscape

In recent years, Glasgow has emerged as a leading hub for companies operating in the Energy Management industry. These companies range from consultancies to suppliers and innovators, each contributing to the city’s dynamic business landscape and pushing forward the boundaries of energy efficiency, environmental sustainability and modern industrial practices. This article delves into some of these entities, highlighting their offerings and how they are changing the dynamics of the industry.

The Energy Management industry in Glasgow is diverse, with businesses offering a wide array of services, ranging from consulting to product design, marine technology to insulation installation. These companies are playing a crucial role in shaping the future of the energy sector, offering solutions that not only contribute to energy efficiency and sustainability but also help other businesses to enhance their performance and bottom line.

By comparing and contrasting the diverse offerings of these companies, readers can gain a better understanding of what each does and why they matter in the world of energy management. Ultimately, this series of articles aims to underscore the importance of Glasgow’s Energy Management sector as a bastion of innovation and expertise.


Founded by Kevin McBarron, Sulmara is known for providing consulting services in energy, energy management, marine technology, and professional services. More details can be found on their LinkedIn page here.

Ecosave Installations

Ecosave Installations is a Glasgow-based company specializing in the installation of energy-saving measures in addition to solar boilers and panels. They are also known for performing green deal studies and energy evaluations. Visit their Facebook and Linkedin pages to learn more.

East Coast Controls

As an independent Building Energy Management Solutions provider, East Coast Controls offers solutions to the UK construction, energy management and intelligent building markets. Check their Facebook and Linkedin page for more information.

Electrician Scotland

Electrician Scotland operates in the Construction, Energy Management, Product Design industries. More details can be found on their Facebook and
Linkedin pages.

Stirling Shipping Company

The Stirling Shipping Company owns and operates platform supply and anchor handling towing supply vessels for the oil and gas industry.

MCE Scotland

MCE Scotland is a Glasgow-based company that operates in the Energy Management, Industrial Engineering, Manufacturing industries. Further details can be obtained from their
Linkedin page.

Written by Mark Smith

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