Pittsburgh Companies Leading the Charge in Energy Efficiency Innovations

There are few cities as synonymous with industry and innovation as Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. From the early days of steel production to healthcare and tech, the city known for its bridges embodies fusion on many levels. That includes energy efficiency, a sector fast becoming a buzzword and a solution for climate change. We look at some forward-thinking companies that combine tech and energy saving in innovative ways as they collectively work to create a smarter and more sustainable future.

Energy efficiency means using less energy to perform the same tasks, reducing waste, improving operations, and saving costs. The Energy Efficiency industry provides cutting-edge ways for businesses and homes to reduce energy use without sacrificing convenience or comfort, and Pittsburgh is leading the way. With a longstanding tradition of scientific research and a progressive outlook, the city is home to groundbreaking companies in Energy Efficiency.

Here are just a few of the companies leading the charge in Pittsburgh, making strides in Clean Energy, Smart Home operations, Energy Efficiency software, and more.

Encentiv Energy

Founded by Stephen Moritz, Encentiv Energy uses cutting-edge technology to help customers make smarter and faster energy efficiency decisions. Through their Encentivizer™, they provide actionable data for Energy Efficiency professionals, manufacturers, and utility companies, enabling business customers to permanently reduce their energy consumption.

The Efficiency Network (TEN)

TEN uses a combination of industry expertise, mobile applications and machine intelligence to deliver building improvement projects. Through their proprietary technology and services, this team of energy experts deliver optimized building performance that makes energy efficiency more attractive to a wide range of customers.


Akeptus utilizes the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to lower bills and carbon emissions by controlling heat, cooling, lighting and water usage in homes. Offering an easy-to-use smart system, Akeptus learns your preferred settings and enables energy efficiency by adapting to your habits.


Powercast provides innovative wireless power solutions that eliminate the need for cables and batteries. With over 42 patents worldwide, Powercast’s technology allows enabled devices to remotely charge using a small embedded receiver, saving energy and providing convenience by allowing devices to be charged at a distance.

Direct Energy

As a retail provider of electricity, natural gas and energy-related products, Direct Energy is committed to providing energy-related products and services nationwide. Offering customers a wide range of customizable products and energy-saving solutions, Direct Energy helps customers save money and use less energy.

Duquesne Light Company

Founded by George Westinghouse, the Duquesne Light Company has been providing electric service to Pennsylvania since 1912. Today, it continues to honor that legacy by offering provider-of-last-resort services, transmission and distribution of electric energy.


IBACOS helps industry stakeholders improve building quality, reduce risk, and manage costs by mastering construction processes, quality and performance. With a philosophy of leadership from every level, IBACOS personnel are integral in keeping construction projects efficient and sustainable.


Founded by Enes Hosgor, Ph.D., EEme, LLC, a Carnegie Mellon University spin-out, converts big data into actionable insight to mine residential energy efficiency (EE) golden opportunities – they enable electric utilities, home improvement product and service providers, and residential users to make targeted and informed EE investment decisions.

Written by Mark Smith

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