Melbourne’s Pioneering Firms Revolutionising the Energy Efficiency Industry

The future of energy is being led by forward-thinking companies who are rising to the global challenge of transitioning to a sustainable global economy. Ground-breaking and innovative, these Melbourne-based companies are driving the transition towards more sustainable energy practices. As diverse as they are dynamic, these businesses operate across a variety of sectors ranging from green tech engineering to cloud-based solar power solutions.

Renewable energy, energy efficiency and energy management are now hotbeds of innovation. Australia’s favourable environment for green technology development, coupled with the global momentum towards emission reduction, offers an ideal launchpad for such ventures. Melbourne, as Australia’s second-largest city, is home to many of these market-leading companies, each of which are contributing immensely to our environmental future.

Here we profile the outstanding companies making strides in this space, from start-ups to established market participants, all with headquarters in Melbourne, Victoria. These companies are transforming not only how we generate and distribute power, but the very way in which we live, work and even travel.


Founded by Guy N. Michrowski, Terragenic is dedicated to bridging traditional and renewable energy generation technologies. Their technology focuses on hydrogen storage in liquid medium to provide a safe and cost-effective solution for PEM fuel cell-based systems. Terragenic primarily operates in utility scale, transportation, off-grid and military market segments.

Aobo Environmental Technology Limited

Specialising in energy management and efficiency, Aobo Environmental Technology Limited are blazing trails in the energy industry.

Matter Technology Ltd

Co-founded by Chris Mrakas and Simon Barnes, Matter Technology Ltd is leading the way in Digital Solar. They provide property owners with automated, worry-free options to generate additional revenue from solar-powered installations.

Acoem Ecotech

Acoem Ecotech is a global leader in the design, manufacture, operation, and maintenance of air, water, gas, meteorology, blast, particulate, and dust monitoring systems. They work with industries across the globe.


Co-founded by Darren O’Dea and David Carroll, Speckel is an innovative company operating in the energy-efficiency, environmental consulting, and green tech spaces.


Creations of Daniel Montagnese and Lachlan Scott, LightPro’s unique platform connects lighting professionals with clients to provide cost-effective solutions to reduce carbon emissions.


Engineered by Erwin Boermans, COMFORTiD is a technical consultancy services firm that specialises in energy efficiency, engineering, and education for community regeneration projects.

United Crystal Technology

As a solar PV manufacturer, United Crystal Technology Inc. is a key player in the energy industry with an asset light business model. They plan to establish profitable PV module production within Australia.

Easy Being Green

As one of the leading lights in the energy management and energy efficiency sectors, Easy Being Green is leading the path towards a sustainable future.

Written by Mark Smith

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