Renewable Energy Innovations: Exploring Lusaka’s Pioneering Green Power Companies


In the waves of sustainable power, Zambia is transforming the Renewable Energy sector with lightning strides. The core of this revolution is not surprisingly, our very own metropolis, Lusaka. Paving the path to a more sustainable future, there are a number of companies based in Lusaka that are redrawing Zambia’s energy blueprint. This article is part of our series that shines a spotlight on some of these trailblazers in the Renewable Energy world.

From harnessing the sun’s rays to controlling electrical distribution, these companies are expanding our understanding of what is possible in the renewable energy arena. They are not only decreasing our reliance on non-renewable energy sources but also providing invaluable job opportunities and bolstering the local economy.

Let’s rewind the dynamo and dive into the world of these sparkle filled giants, that are not just switching on lights, but sparking massive change all over Zambia.

Africa GreenCo

Africa GreenCo is operating at the forefront of the Electrical Distribution, Energy, Energy Management, and Renewable Energy industries in Zambia. This Lusaka based company is making considerable strides in transforming how we distribute and manage energy. And while their founders prefer to stay subtle, their progressive work is loud enough to turn heads towards the vibrant greener tomorrow they are crafting. Get to know about their latest venture on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook.


VITALITE GROUP, co-founded by John Fay, is scaling up Zambia’s renewable energy sector with its innovative CleanTech solutions. With headquarters in Lusaka and sales outlets across Zambia, VITALITE is servicing both rural and urban communities with their renewable energy products. Offering more than just a solution, VITALITE is a mission – a mission to provide clean energy access to the 75% of Zambians who are not connected to the grid. Find out more about their inspiring mission on LinkedIn, Twitter or on Facebook.

Standard Microgrid

Standard Microgrid is revolutionizing the Energy, Energy Management, Renewable Energy and Semiconductor industry in Zambia. They prioritize the needs of rural energy buyers, providing them energy not just in KWh’s, but in charged mobile phones. Want to know more about this innovative company? Check out their page on LinkedIn or on Facebook.

Muhanya Solar

Muhanya Solar is accelerating advances in the Energy, Renewable Energy, and Semiconductor industry in Zambia. As an engineering and construction company, they are offering off-grid, grid-tied, and fuel-saving solutions to homes, farms, companies, and government departments. Discover more about their vibrant projects on LinkedIn.

WidEnergy Africa

One of Zambia’s prime women-led companies, WidEnergy Africa is making waves in the Energy, Renewable Energy and the Social Entrepreneurship industries. With a focus on last-mile distribution of clean energy solutions, they are stepping up to promptly reduce the major deforestation issue in the country. Learn more about WidEnergy on their Facebook Page.

Live Clean Initiatives

Founded by Mwila Lwando, Live Clean Initiatives is leading the way in the Energy Management, Recycling, and Renewable Energy sectors. As a renewable energy and recycling platform, it’s not just illuminating Zambia but also keeping it clean! To keep tabs on their innovative work, check out their LinkedIn Page.


Written by Mark Smith

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