Revolutionising Renewable Energy: Spotlight on Naples’ Innovative Green Powerhouses


The quest for sustainable energy solutions is ongoing worldwide, and Italy is not left out. Particularly, Naples, one of Italy’s vibrant cities in the Campania region, is home to numerous companies working tirelessly towards inventing new ways or enhancing existing methods of harnessing renewable energy. Through creativity and innovation, these companies are not only positively impacting the environment but are also contributing immensely to the global renewable energy industry.

This article is part of a series dedicated to showcasing the contribution of enterprises located in Naples, operating in the Renewable Energy Industry. We’re offering in-depth information about each, including their industry specialization, founders, descriptions, and crucial contact information, such as websites and social media handles. All companies covered here are making significant strides in this dynamic industry, playing their part in shaping the world’s energy landscape.

These Naples-based companies range from those in construction to biotechnology, management consulting, energy, and facility management, all working towards a more environmentally friendly future. Let’s take a closer look at these renewable energy pioneers from Naples.


Ellemme was founded by Maurizio Landolfi and offers a wealth of services such as general contracting, large installations, instrumental diagnostics, facility management, and energy services. This company focuses on building redevelopment, construction of large technological systems, facility management, and energy savings, catering to several sectors including healthcare, industry, and the military. Their commitment to excellence and sustainability is clear and can be seen through their everyday operations.

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Serving the renewable energy, biotechnology, and management consulting sectors, Oasis is committed to designing innovative projects and enhancing existing ones. The company particularly shines in the agri-food sector, where it uses sustainable development techniques to make a difference.

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Tecnosolar, a renowned player in the renewable energy industry, focuses on harnessing energy from the sun and wind. As a pioneer in the solar and wind energy realm, Tecnosolar continues to contribute to the clean energy transition globally.


Bow is carving out a niche for itself in the construction, recycling, and renewable energy industries. Their innovative solutions and green concepts are steadily positioning the brand as a frontrunner in Naples’ renewable energy scene.

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Established in the machinery manufacturing, renewable energy, and sustainability scene, Gemstar offers unique solutions for electricity generation from slow-moving water flows. By combining competitiveness and environmental sustainability, this company is setting a high standard in the renewable energy realm.

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With Salvatore Tremante at the helm, Tremante is a buzz in the mechanical engineering, renewable energy, and retail industries. Although no description of their activities has been given, the company is one of Naples’ innovators in energy efficiency and sustainable design.

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Written by Mark Smith

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