Revolutionary Mining Innovations from Grand Rapids, Michigan Enterprises

Michigan, particularly Grand Rapids, is a thriving hub of industrial activity where numerous firms contribute to the local and global economy. Among these, a number of companies operate in the mining sector, offering a wide array of services and products. This article aims to highlight some of these mining enterprises based in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Despite the mining industry being one of the oldest in the world, it continues to evolve, adopting cutting-edge technology and innovative practices to meet the increasing demand for valuable minerals and metals. These companies range across multiple industries, from manufacturing to consultancy services, and play vital roles in both their local communities and the global mining sector.

In this article, we explore the rich landscape of mining companies headquartered in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Our focus will be on their origins, their work in the mining industry, and where they stand today.

Mill Steel Company

Founded by Harry Samrick, Mill Steel Company is based in Grand Rapids and operates within the manufacturing and mining industries. The company has established a strong online presence with accounts on platforms such as Facebook and @millsteel on Twitter.


Steeltech, headquartered in Grand Rapids, delivers superior heat and corrosion-resistant products for various sectors, including heat treatment, aerospace, and steel mills, among others. The company has a robust online presence including a Facebook account, a @steeltechltd Twitter handle, and a LinkedIn profile.

High Grade Materials

High Grade Materials, based in Grand Rapids, operates in several industries, including manufacturing, mining, building material, and precious metals. The company maintains a presence on Facebook and LinkedIn.

The DECC Company

The DECC Company offers its services in the chemical, mining, and precious metals industries. It maintains a @decc_company Twitter handle and a LinkedIn profile.

Lee Steel

Lee Steel works within the chemical, mining, and precious metals industries. Based in Grand Rapids, it is part of Michigan’s vibrant mining sector.

SRJ Steel, LLC

The manufacturing and mining-oriented SRJ Steel is based in Grand Rapids. The company maintains a Facebook page and a LinkedIn profile.

Professional Metal Finishers

With services in the industrial, manufacturing, and mining sectors, Professional Metal Finishers provides a powder coat line versatile enough for a wide range of items, from medical cabinets to car parts. It has a LinkedIn profile.

Hanssen Consulting

Hanssen Consulting provides rigorous evaluation and research services for a variety of organizations, across multiple industries including mining. With its tools and expertise, Hanssen Consulting helps clients master change and meet their objectives.

Written by Mark Smith

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