Tucson’s Rising Stars: Pioneering Innovations in the Arizona Mining Industry

Tucson, Arizona, is not just renowned for its stunning desert landscapes and sunny climate, it is also an eclectic hub of innovation and entrepreneurship within the mining industry. This vibrant city is home to mining corporations that are bridging the gap between technology and the traditional mining industry. Today, we highlight part of this technology-bleeding force that is changing the landscape, bringing in cutting-edge solutions, unique strategies, and ethically-minded practices.

The diverse range of mining corporations tucked within Tucson explore sectors spanning from mining consultation and environmental engineering to manufacturing and training. These companies have made leaps and bounds in their respective fields, making Tucson a mining industry powerhouse. Be it the exploration of Western Alaska or the sophisticated technological solutions from software designers, these companies are carving out a brighter, smarter future for the mining industry in Arizona and beyond.

So let’s dive in and take a sneak peek at some of these leading-edge companies. Their vision, dedication, and technological adeptness is certainly a testament to Tucson’s dynamic mining industry.

Western Alaska Minerals

Western Alaska Minerals is a mining exploration company with sights set on the vast terrain of the Illinois creek mining area. This organisation is dedicated to exploring and exploiting potential reserves for the betterment of the mining industry. Visit Western Alaska Minerals on LinkedIn and Twitter.

Western Alaska Copper & Gold

Another Alaskian-inspired company based in Tucson is the Western Alaska Copper & Gold Corporation. The team here focuses on the Illinois Mining District of Western Alaska and its Round Top and Honker Gold deposits. They are dedicated to turning these deposits into sustainable mineral producers. Their LinkedIn page can be visited here.

Hexagon Mining

Hexagon Mining stands out as the only global provider of both surface and underground smart mining solutions. They connect design, planning, and operation technologies for safer, more productive mines. Connect with Hexagon Mining on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

Zonge International

Zonge International is a major player in the Energy, Geospatial, Mineral, Mining, and Precious Metals sectors. Basing their operations in Tucson, they offer multifaceted solutions for a broad range of clients. Visit them on LinkedIn for more information.

International Star Inc

International Star Inc. is a growth-oriented mining company with an environmental conscience. They focus on generating significant investor returns through the acquisition and development of undervalued precious metal assets. Discover more about them on their LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter pages.

Eclipse Mining Technologies

Eclipse Mining Technologies offers innovative technological solutions for the mining industry. Find more about their innovative tech solutions on their Facebook page or check them out on LinkedIn.

Southwest Energy

A crucial player in the Energy and Mining sectors, Southwest Energy makes significant contributions to mining operations. More details can be found on their LinkedIn page.

Hydro Geo Chem

Hydro Geo Chem incorporates a wide range of services in Consulting, Environmental Engineering, Mining, and Water sectors. Hydro Geo Chem’s LinkedIn page can be accessed here.


Founded by Brad and Melissa Hawkins, Wearpro serves the Customer Service, Manufacturing, Mining Technology, and Oil and Gas industries. Visit their Facebook and LinkedIn pages for more updates.

Independent Mining Consultants

Independent Mining Consultants offers holistic services to the mining industry, providing expert-level consultancy services. Connect with them through their Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn platforms.

Performance Associates International

Performance Associates International delivers unparalleled expertise in consulting, mining, and training. Visit their Facebook page or connect with them through LinkedIn.

Written by Mark Smith

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