Revolutionizing Energy Efficiency: Pioneering Milan-Based Companies to Watch

As concerns around climate change and energy efficiency continue to drive discussions and actions globally, several companies are pioneering solutions that are paving the way towards a sustainable future. Milan, one of the leading tech hubs of Italy, is home to several such trailblazers in the Energy Efficiency industry. These companies are not only reducing carbon footprints but are also inspiring a whole new generation to build businesses that are profitable as well as sustainable.

This article highlights a number of such remarkable Energy Efficiency companies headquartered in Milan – companies that are leading the shift towards a sustainable and energy efficient future. These innovative businesses are solving energy problems through various means, including the use of renewable energy, energy management and implementing recycling practices in their operations.

The following companies harness innovative technologies and implement unique approaches to turn the concept of an energy efficient world into reality. Let’s take a deeper look:


Levante designs and produces a smart, foldable solar panel inspired by origami and made from recycled materials. The company focuses on creating solutions for mobility and off-grid segments. For additional information, you can reach them by Facebook and Linkedin.

Tree Solutions

Tree Solutions is in the business of Energy, Energy Efficiency and Energy Management. Using the power of Information Technology, this company is stepping up to address the challenges posed by climate change and energy waste. You can learn more about their work on their Facebook and Linkedin pages.

Talento System Digital Investment

Specialising in the Building Material, Construction, and Energy Efficiency sector, Talento System Digital Investment is committed to creating safe and eco-friendly solutions for construction. Their services range from the design and study of alternative materials to being a general contractor, and implementing energy efficiency in their projects.

Gruppo Waste Italia

Gruppo Waste Italia is in the business of Energy Efficiency, Industrial, and Waste Management. Among Italy’s leading private companies in the field of environmental services for businesses, their specialization services include collection, transportation, selection, treatment, recovery, use and disposal of special waste – waste produced by industrial, commercial or artisanal work. You can connect with them on Linkedin.


Enerqos is a company focused on providing energy efficiency solutions for businesses, together with EPC (Engineering, Procurement, and Contracting) and O&M (Operation and Maintenance) services for solar PV plants. Apart from developing and planning the technical construction and maintenance of energy efficiency solutions, Enerqos also offers financing solutions with performance & energy savings guarantees. Connect with them on their Linkedin page.


Enerblade operates in the Energy, Energy Efficiency, and Environmental Engineering sectors. With its innovative solutions, the company seeks to create a significant energy conservation impact on a global level.

Behind Energy

Behind Energy is a “hub” that collects news, research, reports and documents from international sources, with an aim to discover the social, economic, environmental and civil impacts of energy policies. It’s a great resource for those interested in understanding more about energy sources and costs. You can follow their work on Twitter and LinkedIn.

save NRG

Specializing in Energy Efficiency, Energy Management, and Environmental Consulting, save NRG offers technical services for achieving energy savings and CSR management. In addition, they provide tools for implementing a business system centered on sustainability and the reduction of CO2 emissions. Explore their work further by visiting their Facebook and Linkedin pages.

These innovative companies, based in Milan, are proving that sustainability can go hand in hand with profitability and growth. They are not only contributing in the fight against climate change but are also paving the way for a new era of energy-efficient and sustainable business practices.

Written by Mark Smith

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