Revolutionizing Energy Management: Pune’s Top Industry Game-Changers in Futurology

There is a steady rise in companies seeking to revolutionize the future of energy management. Just look at Pune, Maharashtra in India where there is an exciting blend of businesses carving out novel ideas and solutions. This series underlines various entities in the energy management industry based in the same geographic region. We dive into a rich variety of industries including SaaS, Information Technology, and Solar power among others, all the while showcasing the innovative power and diversity India hosts in the energy sector.

Each of these companies fosters significant changes in energy consumption, optimization, and sustainable practices. Their collective objective is to create a brighter, cleaner, and more efficient future, and they are doing so with an impressive drive. So, without further ado, let us introduce some of these key players.

For our first highlight, we would like to bring your attention to Kraft Powercon. Founded in Pune, Maharashtra, the company is focused on Energy, Energy Management, and the industrial sectors. The inspiring entrepreneurs behind the establishment are Ranjit Jakkli and Vijay Jakkli.

Kraft Powercon

Kraft Powercon is a key player in the industrial sector, providing much-needed energy management solutions. They are shaking things up with their innovative work, enhancing the efficiency of energy use in the sector. Ready to learn more about Kraft Powercon? Connect with them at their social media platforms: @KraftPowercon_ on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.


Fostering a culture of operational sustainability, Greenovative is a Mauritian company specializing in Energy Management, Information Technology, SaaS, and Software. The founding unit includes Harshal Maheshwari and Vinit Kulkarni. Greenovative’s mantra is to help organizations consume less energy and improve system utilization through their intelligent energy framework. Take a peek into their innovative drive by checking out their Facebook and LinkedIn.


Maharashtra Natural Gas Limited (MNGL) is making its mark in the fields of Energy, Energy Management, and Oil and Gas. Crediting its existence to Supriyo Halder, MNGL is steadily heading the energy sector with a diversified portfolio. Explore more about MNGL at their official website, or connect on their social media sites – @mngl_in on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Maps Industries

Maps Industries, specialized in the CivicTech, Electrical Distribution, Energy Management, and Telecommunications sectors, offers project maintenance and technical support with more than a decade’s worth of experience under its wing. You can learn more about Maps Industries on their LinkedIn company page.

Sas Powertech

Involved in the Electronics, Energy, and Energy Management sectors, Sas Powertech aims at making a substantial impact, pushing the definition of what’s possible in energy innovation. Check them out on their Facebook and LinkedIn pages.

Eventide Energy

Eventide Energy primarily focuses on Energy Management, Energy Storage, Renewable Energy, and Solar energy. Their goal is to lead the charge in renewable energy development services. Follow their progress via @EventideSolar on Twitter or their LinkedIn company page.

Written by Mark Smith

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