Revolutionizing Energy: Prominent Industry Leaders Based in Longview, Texas

Energy companies are essential drivers of the global economy, ensuring that industries, homes, and machinery have the fuel they need to operate and thrive. Longview, Texas, might not be a name synonymous with energy, but it’s become a hub for local and international energy companies. The city is home to a number of companies operating in the energy industry. They are making impressive strides in various areas including clean energy, oil and gas, renewable energy, industrial manufacturing, and more. Here are some Longview-based energy companies that are taking the sector by storm.

Axis Energy Services

Axis Energy Services stands out in the oil and gas industry through its offering of workover and well-servicing services. The company boasts safe, dependable, and professional workover and completion services, alongside a rental and fishing division that efficiently resolves downhole complications and recovers equipment left downhole during drilling operations. This efficiency enables its clientele to save on overall oil servicing costs.

Applied Consultants

Applied Consultants, Inc. prioritizes the ability to provide quality and cost-effective services to their customers in the most efficient and safest possible way. The company prides itself in having some of the most experienced individuals in the industry and offers a range of services including consulting in plant, pipeline, compressor, pump, and metering facilities. With their customer-centric approach, they aim to fully meet and exceed their customers’ needs.

Pipeline Integrity Resources

Pipeline Integrity Resources operates in the renewable energy sector. This company offers unique solutions tailored towards ensuring sustainable energy generation and distribution. The company remains tight-lipped on specific details for proprietary reasons, but their contribution to renewable energy can’t be overlooked.

STS Consulting Services

STS Consulting Services provides services across sectors, including consulting, energy, legal, and renewable energy. Their key focus is on delivering specialized support and solutions that meet the unique needs of each client.

R. Lacy Crain Energy

Working within the energy, natural resources, oil, and gas industries, R. Lacy Crain Energy offers exploration, production, and development services in the oil industry. They offer innovative oil and natural gas production technology for data management techniques.

KingTool Company

KingTool Company operates within the energy, industrial engineering, industrial manufacturing, and manufacturing sectors. As a corporation rooted in industrial practice, KingTool’s expertise covers a wide range of industrial activities, making a valuable contribution to the industry.

Mountain Supply & Service, L.L.C.

Mountain Supply & Service, L.L.C. is another company active in the energy and renewable energy sectors. With a focus on sustainability, this company strives to provide efficient and environmentally friendly energy solutions.


Applied-Cleveland Holdings is a company providing third-party inspection services for the maintenance of oil and natural gas transmission, distribution, midstream, and gathering lines. They also have experience in the inspection and maintenance of other critical infrastructure like refinery, power plant, compressor, and pump stations.

M.W. Smith Equipment

M.W. Smith Equipment operates within the offshore, refining, petrochemical, oil & gas, power generation, water treatment, and general industry markets. The company offers rotating equipment to the industrial field and has given consistent service since 1979. Their primary commitment is to serving the rotating equipment industry with high performance, reliable, and quality products.

Written by Mark Smith

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