Revolutionizing Energy Sector: Influential Pretoria-Based Companies in South Africa

In the rapidly evolving energy sector, several dynamic companies have established crucial headquarters in Pretoria, South Africa. These companies not only contribute to advancements in the energy industry, but also play a significant role in boosting the country’s economy and infrastructure. Through different areas such as mining, renewable energy, biotechnology, and product research, these companies are mapping a new blueprint for how energy can be sourced and used. Let’s delve deep into the profiles of these impactful companies in Pretoria.

Phambili Energy

Phambili Energy is a frontrunner in the renewable energy sector. It aims to provide power in a way that empowers communities by focusing on income generation and job creation. Their cutting-edge solutions include specially made “eco-charkettes” and stoves designed for households without electricity.

Council for Scientific and Industrial Research

The Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) is an esteemed African research and development institution, with a foundation rooted in an Act of Parliament dated back to 1945. The CSIR’s focus lies in conducting directed, multidisciplinary research and technological innovation with the goal to improve the lives of South Africans. Through its concerted efforts in areas like transport, energy, water resources, and ICT networks, this organisation strives towards stimulating the economy, creating employment opportunities, and developing a well-equipped state. Find them on LinkedIn and Facebook.


Necsa is one of the leading entities in the energy industry, with specific emphasis on nuclear energy and product research. This company plays a crucial role in shaping South Africa’s energy sphere. Explore their work on Facebook and LinkedIn.


Eco-V is transforming the renewable energy landscape with its innovative hot-water and electricity solutions. Housing their technology in easily transportable containers, their Microgrid solutions offer a sustainable avenue for power generation in both residential and industrial contexts. Check them out on Facebook and LinkedIn.


KragDag is another influential player in the realm of renewable energy and sustainability. This company also offers environmental consulting, guiding other entities towards greener operations. You can find more about their activities on Facebook.

Integrators of Systems Technology

A prominent entity in the field of energy management and IT, Integrators of Systems Technology is focused on optimizing energy usage by integrating smart tech into systems. STAY UPDATED with their work on Facebook and LinkedIn.


Energyrite embodies the juncture where automotive, energy, and industrial worlds collide. This company revolutionizes the way energy is monitored and utilized by integrating IoT protocols to their real-time energy monitoring devices and remote automation tools. Check out their work on Facebook.

PEC Utility Management

A crucial contributor to the consumer electronics, energy, IT, and VR industries, PEC Utility Management combines cutting-edge tech with effective energy management. Learn more about their work on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Remote Metering Solutions

Remote Metering Solutions is a specialist in the utility industry, providing best-in-class utility metering tech and recovery solutions. Their commitment to leading-edge technology makes them a game-changer in the energy management sector. Follow them on Facebook and LinkedIn.

TriCore Resources

TriCore Resources deals in multiple sectors including energy, mining, and renewable energy. Their operations extend to various areas such as mining activities, commodity trading, energy supply and fuel supply. Despite having a broad focus, all aspects contribute significantly to the energy sector and beyond.

South Africa is an energy landscape that’s transforming actively, thanks largely to the determined work of these companies. By pushing the boundaries of their respective sectors, they’re shaping an exciting future that’s not just sustainable, but also economically beneficial to the communities they serve.

Written by Mark Smith

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